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eRepublik company managment application



Related Projects

Erepublik-api - eRepublik Java Library

Provides easy access to the eRepublik API (feeds) for java developers.

Erepublik-tools-php - PHP functions, classes and tools for eRepublik

Functions, Classes and other dev tools to simplify the use of eRepublik API

Erepublik-feeds-v1-java-api - eRepublik Feeds API for Java

Unofficial eRepublik API to use v1 XML feeds. This is not an official eRepublik API, and thus, problems and support requests should not be directed to the eRepublik Team.

Erpk-mex - Herramientas para el grupo de usuarios eRepublik Mexico

En Construcción Herramientas para la administración en eRepublik - eMéxico.

Edemocracy - eDmocracy for Erepublik

eDemocracy is a web application which can be used to ask the people what they want to do with his country or party ;)

Ner-zul - Ner-Zul fo erepublik

It is group of assemlies for automating playing in eRepublik

Ereptoolkit - eRepublik Toolkit

eRepublik Toolkit GreaseMonkey script