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is a library that contains some base classes for DDD-development. It helps to avoid the creation of commons classes like Entity, AggregateRoot or ValueObject and it is based on the concept of "persistent unit". Each persistent unit can contains different aggrega...



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EcoLab is a C++ based Agent Based Modelling system, with emphasis on high performance computing for scaling to large simulations.

eco - Embedded CoffeeScript templates

Embedded CoffeeScript templates

Ec-os - EC-OS

ec-os in .net


Repository for open-source code from the PortEco project

ECO contrib

ECO ist a excellent framework for domain driven design developed by CapableObjects AB. Share your additional features in this contrib project.

Modeco - Ecological Modeling Comparison

ModEco is a NSF-funded project to develop software to compare niche modeling methods and results.

Maximalerrorminimalization - Implementation of the 'maximal error minimalization' distribute

University coursework at the BUTE Embedded Information Systems MSc course. Implementation of the 'maximal error minimalization' distributed clock synchronization protocol. The implementation uses eCos operating system and the MITmote platform.