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This project will create a c# wrapper for the Constraint Logic Programming (Prolog) engine.



Related Projects

Solve Logic Word Puzzles with CLP

Learn basic constraint logic programming by solving logic word puzzles. Tutorial showing 1 star to 5 star puzzles solved using the ECLiPSe-CLP language (available at Go to for code.

Eclipse-clp-csdp - Interface to CSDP in ECLiPSe (Eclipse-clp)

Snippet of code to setup a Semidefinite Program in ECLiPSe and have it solved by CSDP. This assume that the user has CSDP installed. Note: This ECLiPSe is the Constraint Programming system ECLiPSe, not the java editor Eclipse.

Mhs-scheduling - Scheduling/Rostering model and solver

An experiment in developing a front-end in Django with a backend in ECLiPSe-CLP. The front-end allows the staff to define the parameters of a schedule (days open/close, at what time open/close, how many staff at start, at end, etc...) The backend is a constraint program to find the best schedule satisfying all the criteria where best is defined as best for the staff. If all goes well here, we will then abstract process to construct a general scheduler.

N-reinas - resolucion de las n reinas mediante EclipseCLP

resolucion de las n reinas mediante EclipseCLP