Eclipse Plugin Development Session

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The ZDT (Zhongwen Development Tool) is a program written in Java using the Eclipse RCP to help users study mandarin chinese. It currently contains a Flashcard plugin, a Dictionary search plugin and an Annotator plugin (for translating chinese text).

Testjava - Study Java, SVN

J2SE 5, J2EE 5, Struts 2, JUnit 4 IDE is Eclipse. Android

Gwt-spring-hibernate - 学习笔记

关于gwt spring hibernate 的学习笔记。 开�工具使用 eclipse myeclipse windowbuilder

Bit-eclipse - Public project repository of Denzel Morris

Bit EclipseThis is my public repository for any new projects, code demonstrations, tools, or just for plain studying. This repository is heavily connected to the content discussed on my blog Bit Eclipse: Reflections of a Generalist on Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Business, and Life. Newest HappeningsXCMouse (WIP): 2012-01-05 - XCMouse takes an XBox 360 controller and converts it into a usable mouse on any compatible Windows PC. Move, click, drag, and double-click anywhere you please wit



Netmus - la tua musica, dove vuoi, quando vuoi

Progetto relativo al 2o capitolato del corso di Ingegneria del Software 2010/11 dell'Universita' degli Studi di Padova. In sviluppo da VT.G - © Valter Texas Group Srl