LaTeX Plugin For Eclipse

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Managing LaTeX documents with eclipse. Easy compilation of LaTeX documents, access to all LaTeX compiler logging information. Specify LaTeX arguments in a GUI. Editor with code completion, document structure, and a document previewer.



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Texlipse is a plugin that adds Latex editing support for the popular Eclipse Java IDE. Key features include: syntax highlight, command completion, bibliography completion, outline navigation and automatic building.


ecleTeX is a Latex environment plugin for the Eclipse platform. It currently supports Latex project types, a mulltilanguage spellchecker, code highlighting, code completion, Build engines for latex bibtex pdf and ps a Bibtex view and a basic DVI viewer

Netmus - la tua musica, dove vuoi, quando vuoi

Progetto relativo al 2o capitolato del corso di Ingegneria del Software 2010/11 dell'Universita' degli Studi di Padova. In sviluppo da VT.G - © Valter Texas Group Srl

F4k-curriculum - XML based system for an informal science and mathematics curriculum.

F4k curriculum provides a way of organising the teaching and learning of science and mathematics. It uses an open-ended approach, mostly practical work and investigative projects. The target age-group of students is young (mostly pre-adolescant) children, so long as they are literate. Some projects will never be published as more than a very brief outline, nothing more than a heading for a brainstorming session. Others will be developed much further: their starting point is a set of aims and obj

Fragmento-rcp-2011 - Integration of Fragmento into a Rich Client Platform

Integration of Fragmento into the well known RCP Eclipse in the course of a "Studienarbeit" at the University of Stuttgart in the summer term 2011. The integration procedure involves the development of an add-on for the Eclipse BPEL Designer. See the Project description PDF. See the corresponding LaTeX Report repository.

Stexide - xtext based IDE for Semantic TeX

Welcome to sTeXIDE ProjectsTeXIDE is a plugin extension for Eclipse which supports user in adding and maintaining semantic information in LaTeX documents and corpora. Currently our goal is to support the sTeX collection of semantic TeX macro packages. We recommend you to visit the sTeX project in order to get more general insights on semantic enrichment of documents. Quick linksMotivation Tutorial

Am-course-2010-2011 - Advanced Mathematics Courseware in Chinese, autumn 2010 to Spring 2011

composed by Y.B. Tang, Autumn 2010 to Spring 2011 code type: Xetex Tex distribution: Texlive 2010 platform: Mac OS Leopard 10.06 / Windows 7 / Ubuntu 10.04 Lts recommend IDE: eclipse + Texlipse prompt for compiling: Xelatex main.tex output format: .pdf requirements: Adobe Std Chinese fonts (Heiti, Kaiti, FangSong, Ming and Song)

Qmcpack-doc - QMCPACK document

Developers' and users' guides org.cmscc.qmcpack.doc is developed as an eclipse plug-in for QMCPACK help page. If all goes well, a help document with build instructions doxygen code documentation other materials on wiki can be downloaded as an eclipse plug-in. Licensed under UIUC/NCSA open-source license See more on UIUC/NCSA license Instructions for viewing help page in eclipsedownload eclipse (helio) checkout org.cmscc.qmcpack.doc in eclipse/plugins directory by svn co h

Ooccollider - A parallel out-of-core renderer with data load-balancing using the c-Collision protoco

OOC-ColliderThis framework will serve as a foundation for my diploma-thesis. This project is under strong construction and is subject to frequent change. Requirements to get this baby to compile: a decent linux system running X boost-lib (Version 1.38.0) openMPI-lib (v1.3.1) a decent nvidia GPU (at least with ShaderModel 3) OpenGL >= 2.0 freeglut-lib (v2.4.0) alternatively: GLFW ( glew-lib (v1.5.1) nvidia's cg-toolkit (v2.1) LUA to script the load-balancing strategies

Ubuntueasysetuper - 这是为您的 Ubuntu 消除BUG�装软件的工具。节�您自行下载软

This project has been terminated. It was merged into Ailurus. Please go to Thanks for your support and encouragement! Ubuntu Easy Setuper 是为您的 Ubuntu 消除BUG�装软件的工具。 部分安装过程是自动化的,�需�按键或点鼠标。 安装的软件大部分�在Ubuntu�里,并�用 sudo apt-get install 就能简�装上的。 本工具节�您自行下载软件�手动安装的精力和时间。 本工具修�了防�墙��