Eclipse Incubator

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The Eclipse Incubator project is an incubator project for Eclipse related technologies and the home of the Google Summer of Code students projects for the Eclipse Foundation.



Related Projects


This project has moved and is now incubating at - see

Wt-commons - A commons for reusable WindowTester components

The WindowTester (WT) Commons Project provides a set of common elements for use in Eclipse/RCP application testing. The WT Commons project is composed of four parts: Snippets - small, stand-alone pieces of code that demonstrate discrete bits of functionality. Samples - more involved examples that have more dependencies and tend to explore broader themes. Helpers - reusable test components that can be used to build test scenarios. Incubator - an incubator for WT experiments and features in progre

Srijan-toolkit - An application development toolkit for the Internet of Things

OverviewInstallation and RequirementsEclipse installationATaG Feature InstallationSetup a new projectTask graph specificationF.A.Q.Does Srijan automatically deploy code for android Os?ReleasesTagging releases (X.Y.Z)LinksLicence (Last updated 07 Mar 2012) OverviewSrijan is an application development framework for the Internet of Things, which uses data-driven macroprogramming. It consists of mainly 2 software components. The Srijan library which visualizes the network, manages the code generatio

Swt-xy-graph - An interactive XY Graph plugin for SWT and GEF applications

SWT XYGraph is an XY graph plugin based on SWT and Draw2D, which could be used not only in any SWT applications, but also has the ability to be integrated in any GEF based applications. It has most of the functions needed for an XY graph, plot or chart in the field of science and engineering. Getting Started Powerful functions:line chart, scatter chart, bar chart, step chart, area chart... Five Zoom Types: Zoom in/out, Rubberband Zoom, Horizontal Zoom in/out, Vertical Zoom in/out Panning on both

Server-side-osgi - Server-Side OSGi

Server-Side OSGi is an incubator project for OSGi bundles and extensions for server side usage of OSGi.


AJEER provided load-time aspect weaving for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2. Currently the project is inactive. The successor of this project is Equinox Aspects, a project at

Ofbiz-eclipse-plugin - OFBiz Eclipse Plugin (Incubator)

Development environment for OFBiz developers (Incubator)Now, The XML editor in Eclipse IDE is not enough for OFBiz development. Developers need more convenient tool for OFBiz environment. The OFBiz eclipse plugin designed to be OFBiz development environment as eclipse plugin features. Navigator view Outline view Editor Controller Screen Form Etc. Create OFBiz environment with Structured Source Editing (SSE) ComponentWhile there is a UI component to SSE, it has little API and is intended to be a

Oxenandroidcommons - Oxen Android Commons

This project is an incubator for Android-related components developed at Oxen Software Studio. As long as each component grows, the could be separated into a new, independent project. At the moment, in progress components include: Mini-ORM (soon) MVP with Field-to-bean binding Eclipse, Maven, Android SDK and Eclipse Android plugin are required. Just download the trunk and run mvn eclipse:eclipse. Then select "import existing projects" from Eclipse.

Osee-external - Provide acces to OSEE external/add-on features

Open System Engineering Environment Add-On Features Site OSEE is an Eclipse Technology Project currently in the incubation phase. It provides a tightly integrated environment that supports lean engineering across the full product life-cycle. Since OSEE integrates all engineering areas, the full lifecycle data for a product is managed by a common platform allowing this data to be seamlessly combined to form a coherent, accurate view of a project in real-time. For more information visit the Eclips

02-publicacoes - Exercicio da materia de Engenharia de Software para Aplicações Web do curso de PÃ

Projeto tem como objetivo desenvolver uma ferramenta para controle de publicações de conteúdos acadêmicos. InstalaçãoBaixar o Eclipse Idigo J2EE em: Iniciar o Eclipse e criar uma workspace para o projeto. Baixar e instalar o Glassfish. Configurar o Glassfish na aba Server do Eclipse. Instalar o Subversive através do menu Help > Install new software... selecionando "All available sites" e marcando a opção "Subversive SVN Team Provider (Incubation)". Criar o reposi