Eclipse IDE Meta-tooling Platform

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Meta-tooling platform to speed and simplify construction of full-featured Eclipse-based language-specific IDEs. PLEASE NOTE: This project has moved to:



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Haxe-student-project - Haxe plugin for Eclipse

haXe plugin for EclipseИн�трукци� - как подготовить�� к началу работы над плагиномкачаем JDK дл� �воей машины\\�и�темы тут - качаем Eclipse (например Eclipse Indigo classic) запу�каем Eclipse и Help->Install New Software-> Вводим ��ылку -> Add -> у�танавли

Imogene - Data collection information system development framework

Welcome to imogeneimogene is an Open Source Rapid Application Development Studio for Data Collection Information Systems. Through an Android client and a synchronization server, imogene offers the ability to quickly deploy a mobile information system. Thanks to its advanced features, imogene particularly fits for surveillance systems, where data needs not only to be collected but also to be regularly updated. imogene is specifically designed for data managers who do not have advanced development


The project aims to provide an great XQDT(XQuery Development Toolkit) based on the Eclipse platform. News:The M0 codes is ready at the svn trunk. please read the Readme if you want to try it.

Templatetools - This plug-in the functionality of code templates.

This plug-in enhances the functionality of code templates: ${clipboard} template variable - replaced by the contents of the clipboard. ${prompt(input|file|directory|enumeration, value [, value]*)} This plug-in also supports extension-point promptProviders. Here is an example: <extension point="TemplateTools.promptProviders"> <promptProvider class="templatetools.InputPrompt" type="input"> </promptProvider> : : </extension>Here is the implementation: package templatetools;import java.util.List;imp

Tadam4timetableasy - TIMETABLEASY school project

Create a planning school web manager Pour commencer le projet vous devez installer :MySqlPhpMyAdminMySql WorkbenchEclipse SVN plugin ou Turtoise Client Pour télécharger les sourcesAller à la page "Source" et rentrez l'adresse du "checkout" dans votre Turtoise Client. Pour trouver votre mot de passe Google Code : A faire :Thomas => Finir architecture et faire exemple d'ajoutDD => UMLManu => CRUD AdministrationAlain => Ajout d'évènementEt il faut aussi

imp.runtime.feature - eclipse feature project for the IMP runtime

eclipse feature project for the IMP runtime


A prototype port of the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment to Eclipse, based on IMP and ToolBusNG


Eclipse IMP based IDE for the Rascal meta-programming language. See rascal project for Wiki, Issues and such.


IMP radically simplifies and speeds up the IDE development process in Eclipse, for both language with existing front-ends as well as languages generated using compiler and interpreter generation frameworks