Eclipse GWT Plugin

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Eclipse plugin to develp in Google Web Toolkit (GWT)



Related Projects

Vaadin - Web Framework to build Rich Internet Application

Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications. It helps to create Rich Internet Applications faster. It has dozens of in-built UI component like Button, Tree etc which is event driven. Vaadin browser widgets is built on GWT and it support all Ajax-capable browsers.

Developer Studio Eclipse Plugin for GWT

A Developer Studio Plugin for Google Web Toolkit. To provide a consistent way for developers to create, launch and debug GWT projects. To provide for Visual Development of GWT projects using WYSIWYG editor for GWT Widgets.

Gwt-designer - GWT Designer: Eclipse-Based GUI Development

GWT DesignerThis project contains the source code for the GWT Designer product, which exists as both a standalone product and as part of the Google Plugin for Eclipse. GWT Designer relies upon the WindowBuilder project, which now exists as its own independent project at the Eclipse Foundation.

Gwt-tooling - Google Webtoolkit (GWT) Tooling for Eclipse

GWT ToolingA set of Eclipse plug-ins to ease the development of Google Webtoolkit (GWT) applications with Eclipse. Released under the EPL. GWT Tooling supports Eclipse Dynamic Web projects for traditional JavaEE development as well as Java and Plug-in projects for Server-Side Eclipse development. InstallYou can install it from the update site at ContributePlease report issues and feature wishes here. Patches are welcome! You can get the source code from our Subversion re

Uface - UFace provides a Universal API to creating rich user interfaces for the web via GWT or in Ja

UFace implements the JFace Data Binding for GWT, gwt-ext, MyGWT and Swing. UFace also provides a Universal API to create rich user interface applications on a variety of platforms such as the web via GWT or Java via Swing or Eclipse. UFace provides a thin facade above the various widget implementations, then uses JFace Data Binding to bind your model objects to the user interface widgets. The primary targets are implementation for GWT (including 3rd party widgets from e.g. gwt-ext, MyGWT), SWT/J

Cypal-studio - Eclipse Plugins for GWT

Cypal Studio for GWT is a set of Eclipse plugins for making GWT development easier. It currently helps you in: Creating a module Creating a remote service Maintaining the Async file Runing your app in hosted mode Compiling your app to Java Script Deploying to an external server Exporting as WAR operation

Gwt-test-util-eclipse-plugin - eclipse editor for gwt-test-utils integration tests

What that ?This project is an eclipse plugin for helping gwt-test-integration framework scenario writing. Use this pluginYou need a 3.4 eclipse running under a java 1.6 runtime you have to download the plugin (jar you can find here) you have to copy this jar in "plugins" directory then restart your plugin and use the openwith on your csv file...

Bubble-breaker-gwt - Inspired by the Popular Bubble Breaker (on Windows Mobile 6)

A really simple and addictive game that comes shipped with Windows Mobile. Decided to Develop it on Eclipse.

Steg - Steg is a game for people who love words and puzzles

Steg is a web application written with the Eclipse Java IDE and the GWT library. Steg is deployed here Steg is also available as a Facebook application Steg is discussed at this blog Steg is fun, so stop reading this and try it out!