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Echidna is a quot;multiprocess systemquot; for running multiple Java applications in the same virtual machine.



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WinANT Echidna

WinANT Echidna is a Windows interface to the DITA Open Toolkit processing functionality. It serves primarily as an interface to the Ant build utility, for the sole purpose of processing DITA documents.

Echidna Libraries

Cross platform libraries and tools that may make your life easier.

Cosmos of Methos

Do you want to be a fearsome sailor in the dark ages of mankind before Christ was born? Do you want to battle monsters like Echidna or Scylla? Do you want to earn gold, fame and women? Or explore worlds and trade in peace? WAS ODYSSEAS BETTER THAN YOU?

Echidna5 - The Bug Tracking of Team Echidna's SeaSceneSIM project

A 3rd year computer science project done at La Trobe University in Melbourne. The project aims to accurately simulate a maritime environment. {{ YEAR : 2010 }} Lecturer: Dr.Torab Torabi Supervisor: Ms.Sandra Sampayo Vargas Team Member: 1. Fahad Zarouni 2. Tristan Rentz 3. Hamed albalushi 4. Peng Cai 5. Talal Suroor

Echidna_scripts - Python scripts for Echidna instrument

Python scripts for Echidna instrument

echidna-refresh - Architectural PoC for Echidna framework.

Architectural PoC for Echidna framework.

echidna-restful - Echidna NSM Framework / REST API

Echidna NSM Framework / REST API


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echidna - Network Security Monitoring Framework

Network Security Monitoring Framework