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ECB is a file/code browser for Emacs. It can be used to browse any type of file and supports parsing of Java, C, C++, Elisp and some other code like perl, TeX, LaTeX. All browsing windows are within one frame and they are deletion-protected (eg by C-x 1)



Related Projects

Cryptor - Cipher block encryption and decryption

Provide three encryption mode, Electronic Code Book (ECB), Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), Cipher Feedback (CFB). Implementation in csharp.

Jendalsepit - Blowfish Algorithm

Messages encryption application using Blowfish & JCE. Support four block cipher encryption mode (ECB, CBC, CFB and OFB)

Aes128-byte-oriented - AES (128 bits key) byte oriented implementation

Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard with a 128 bits key and Electronic Code Book mode of operation. The padding method follows the RFC 5652.

Ska - Pure Python implementation of symmetric-key cryptographic algorithms.

IntroSupported algorithms and featuresInterfaceOpenssl-compat levelShortcutsLow-level functionsExampleInstallationSelf testsBugs/Todo IntroSKA (symmetric-key algorithms) is a pure Python library. It provide number of tools to encrypt and decrypt data using symmetric-key algorithms. Known cryptographic libraries are powerful, but they do not cover all aspects of symmetric-key algorithms. Apparently, due to performance purpose, their design makes it difficult to separate and reimplement the indivi

Ctypescrypto - Python OpenSSL Crypto Library using Ctypes

This library is a pure python cryptographic library for OpenSSL It provides: Hashing Algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 Secret Key Encryption: DES, DES-EDE3, BF, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 Confidentiality Modes: CBC, CFB, OFB, ECB OpenSSL Pseudo Random number generation. Future work would include Public Key Encryption: RSA (encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify) Certificates: X.509 Certificate parsing and validation Protocols: (TLS and SSL)


An emulation of the experimental computer board 85, called ECB85, including an assembler and a c-compiler.


TclDES is a pure-Tcl implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Triple-DES (3DES). It supports all DES operation modes: Electronic Code Block (ECB), Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) , Output Feedback (OFB), and Cipher Feedback (CFB).

Jscryptolib - jscrypto: A JavaScript Cryptography Library

jscrypto This library is an object oriented cryptography library that implements several fundamental cryptographic algorithms including AES, SHA-1, HMAC, BASE64, RSA, ECC and IBE for JavaScript. This library works in ActionScript as well. A demo application based on jscrypto is available at WebIBC. Features Performance heavily enhanced. Object oriented architecture, with a single namespace, and you can extend the framework with your own algorithms. Support Init, Upate, Final pattern for bulk dat

Android-currency-converter - Simple Currency Converter for Android

It is my first Android program. This is a simple Currency Converter software for Android. It retrieves Euro foreign exchange reference rates from European Central Bank (ECB) so it supports 34 currencies. Please enable "Background Update" in the "Preferences" page manually otherwise this program will not get the latest rates from ECB.

Curroid - Simple currency converter for Android devices

This project provides us with a simple, easy-to use currency converter for Android devices. It uses SAX XML parser, to get latest currency exchanges from ECB (European Central Bank).