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A database front-end which provides trade-off analysis to the user during the search.



Related Projects


Web interface project for ECatalog, a database front-end.

Tuttlibrarysystems - Utilities for internal Tutt Library processes at Colorado College

This project hosts the software development work at Colorado College's Tutt Library. These projects include the following code repository projects: Tuttlibrarysystems - A project management GAE app developed using Mako and Python hosted on GAE Pythons - Internal utilities page with forms for submitting MARC record manipulation for importing into Innovative Millennium ILS Blacklight - Ruby-on-Rails Blacklight open-source discovery layer, includes all of the custom code for Beta release for Fall t

Ecataloger - eCataloger provides cataloging services for the creation of electronic library catalogs

NOTE eCataloger functionality is being migrated to the Django Aristotle project located at The eCataloger application provides cataloging utilities to create an eLibrary for an individual or small organization. The research goal of eCataloger is on creating semantic services for artifacts. An eLibrary is a collection of electronic records used to organize and manage born digital resources (websites, ebooks, mp3) and as a meta-data proxy for books,


VideoPlayer for eCatalogs