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Enterprise Basis Platform. Include Application Management, User Management, File Management, Permission, Workflow, Forms, Reporting, SSO, Real-Time Message, etc. It's developed in C#, based on .NET Framework 4.0.




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Nxcc - a tiny , fast , c script virtual machine

What is nxcc?1.\tit's a tiny script compiler and virtual machine2.\tc-liked script with ‘class’3.\teasy to be embeded4.\talso,it's not memory-safe and type-safe language...Hello world!#!/usr/local/bin/nxccapi printf(fmt,...);func main(argc,argv){\tprintf("hello,world!\"); ///classic ...}___eof___;///optional ...funny feature1.'::' is allowed inside identifier name ...\tvar aaa::bbb;\tfunc TTT::do_sth(a,b,...){}\tconst ccc::d123 = 0;2.type-name is just a name for class-method/member accessing

Alpha3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder

#_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# # ,sSSs,,s, ,sSSSs, : ALPHA3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder. # dS" Y$P" YS" ,SY : # iS' dY ssS" : Copyright (C) 2003-2010 by SkyLined. # YS, dSb SP, ;SP : <berendjanwever@gmail.com> # `"YSS'"S' "YSSSY" : http://skypher.com/wiki/index.php/ALPHA3 #_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# ALPHA3 is

Kopul - Kopt : Kind of pack/unpack language

a DSL for describing binary data. Generate encoder/decoder as standalone library or interpreted at runtime. examples//A TYPE PASCAL STRINGpascalString={len:#8 [#8 (len)]}char=#8// A CSTRINGcstring1=[c:char (?c!=0)]cstring2=[char (?)]// A CSTRING : IMPLICIT USE OF REGISTERScstringshort=[#8(?)]// OPCODE MAPPING// * just 2 type functions and 1 enummodRM(mod,ro,rm)={rm:#3 ro:#3 mod:#2}sib(ss,sib,base)={base:#3 id:#3 ss:#2}R32_MAP=<%EAX=0,ECX,EDX,EBX,ESP,EBP,ESI,EDI%>// * the ADD instructionADD={opco

Railux - Seu compilador assembly multi-maquina.

Desenvolvimento de um compilador assembly multi-máquina, criado para compilar usando ANSI C e para ser parte integrante do projeto SOmBRA. Desenvolvimento alpha, exemplo da linguagem abaixo: program teste; char a[256], c[3]; int z; int *x = (int *)eax; // *x == [eax]begin // Pode ser { eax = 0xB8000; // mov eax, 0xB8000 // Mostrando letra a na tela! *x = 0x0F << 8 + 'A'; // mov [eax], 0x0F65end // Pode ser } se não for begin no inicioFunções function teste(int x): int;begin // Podemos usar p

Pymsasid - A pure python disassembling library

Project descriptionPym's is a pure python disassembly library. It is merely a port of udis86 to python. At the moment it is a one shot project. But I'll do a some support. NewBeta 3 Released Some bugs corrected To be continued on beta ?? AT&T syntax support. Try it onlineYou can try the web base version of Pym's desassembler online here. Upload your file and obtain its disassembled code. Quick example>>> import pymsasid as pyms>>> prog = pyms.Pymsasid(hook = pyms.PEFileHook, source = './xcopy.ex


A simple Django site used for the collection and summary of EBP data

EBP - Elektronischen Betreuungsplanung

Elektronischen Betreuungsplanung

ebp - Empirical Bayes Proteomics tool

Empirical Bayes Proteomics tool