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this is a simple txt book reader.




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FBReader - Multi Platform eBook Reader

FBReader is a multi-platform e-book reader. FBReader supports popular e-book formats like ePub, fb2, mobi, html, plain text, and a lot of other formats. It provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of e-books. Download books for free or for a fee. Add your own catalog. It is highly customizable. Choose colors, fonts, page turning animations, etc. to make reading as convenient as you want.

Pys60ebookreader - An e-book reader for Symbian devices written in PyS60

This application can be used for reading e-books on Symbian touch devices (like Nokia 5800, N97). It uses PyS60 (Python for S60 devices) and it's rather small and simple program. Please feel free to fill issue tracker with bug reports and feature requests!

Vreader - a ebook reader designed specifically for traditional chinese reading habits, and display c

This is a ebook reader designed specifically for traditional chinese reading habits. this program can read pdb files from 好讀網站 and plain text files, and displays content with vertical text layout. NOTE: this program is for chinese language only, and you might not need this reader if you don't read chinese words.

Encyclopodia - encyclopedia on the iPod

This project brings the famous Wikipedia encyclopedia on the Apple iPod. It consists of an eBook-reader application that can be executed on your iPod to search and display articles, an eBook library, and an easy to use installation wizard for Windows.

Onlinebrary - web-service for easy ebooks/html-pages/rss converting for wide range of ebook-read dev

It is all about onlinebrary.org In future it may become online bookshelf (ebooks storage) with converting functions. milestones 0.1web request flow book titles search through aggregation rss to fb2 html to pdf (simple) 0.2html to pdf (device specific format) + html2fb investigation rss to pdf fb2pdf investigation 0.3cron jobs for converting? kind of "morning newsletter" smart to pdf converting (forms/banners/js stripping) firebug-like blocks selection for to-pdf/to-fb2 converting 0.4persistent d

Very-low-cost-ebook-reader - A demonstrative project of an ebook reader with very low cost

IntroductionThis project is mainly to demonstrate the possibility to create a hardware platform which can read hundreds of e-books with a very low cost. The target cost is set to 20USD, and I'm using a MCU development board which is a little bit over 40USD. If removed unused parts from the board and get a wholesale price for the parts, it is hopeful to reach the target. The main application for this project may be to make books more accessible to developing areas. This project is not for buildin

Wxreadbook - a readbook application written in wxWidgets

Summarya cross platform book reading software written in wxWidgets. it can detect file encoding and support html, txt, zip, tar, gzip file format, now it support more archive format by using 7z dynamic library from 7-Zip. It works under windows,linux, zaurus (c7x0 tested),pocketpc Change Log1.3.0New algorithm for document text analyzing, now can support huge files, and execution quick than before Support Japanese and Korean 1.2.3Add WINCE(PocketPC 2003 or above) support Fix bug on 7zip archive h


PdfEbookCutter is a program to cut PDF Documents into smaller pages, to display them in a better way on ebook readers. It displays a sketch of the pages in a graphical editor, and saves the cropped pages in a new file. It's developed in C# with iTextSharp

Gilreathebookcapstone - Brian Gilreath's eBook Capstone project

An implementation of the EPUB format with HTML5 and a reader for a selected platform.

Y-ebookreader - ebook reader on Windows phone 7

ebook reader on Windows phone 7 which can download book from skydrive use your live id.