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Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats




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PDFRead is a tool for converting PDF and DJVU documents for reading on eBook devices. It does this by creating an image out of each page, enhancing the image and then collating the images in a device-specific format.

Ebook-conversion-tools - python based ebook conversion tools

The purpose of this project to to collect, maintain, and provide a home for many of the publicly available standalone tools to convert ebooks from one format to another. In addition, gui front-ends will be hosted for many of the command line tools that already exist. Most of the tools here will be python based and cross-platform in nature.

Calibre2opds - Generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from the Calibre ebooks database.

Calibre2opds can generate OPDS and HTML catalogs from the metadata of the Calibre e-book library manager. These catalogs can then be used both to browse your e-book library online and also to download books on demand. The project homepage is http://calibre2opds.com

Rilego - A tool for producing a E-Books form a group of images.

RilegoA tool able to generate E-Books from a group of images files. Useful for e-readers. More info and screenshots are availables at Rilego Web Site This project is developed using: Netbeans 6.9.1 Maven iText

Ncx-generator - Generate NCX and OPF files from a XHTML file

This command-line utility parses a single input XHTML file to find the required tags and can create an XHTML Table of Contents, a NCX Global Navigation file and the OPF file for authoring eBooks with the kindlegen tool. The files are created following the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines. For more info and help in authoring books for the Kindle, see the Kindle Publishing Programs web page. Be aware that the tool will modify the "id" attribute in some tags of your original file! This tool is w


IBSuite contains a set of tools to convert ebook in various format (pdf, chm, html) into a set of images, reformat the images (crop, embold, simple reflow, etc), and assemble the result images into a new ebook suitable for you ebook devices.

Seniordesignp8 - Interactive Textbook

Project 8 is an application which provides a development tool for creating a library of interactive textbooks. Project Details Book Structure This is our Project Leader... '' Meeting Notes

Rpgmanager - Tabletop RPG campaign manager

This project aims at providing tabletop RPG masters with : An indexing system aimed at their ressources (e-books, web ressources, images, maps, soundtrack and effects, etc.) An abstract campaign manager to organise ideas and ressources into game elements (campaigns, scenarios, actors, locations, timelines, etc.) Game-system specific plugins to manage system related tools and structured data (dice bags, stat blocks, game specific tools, etc.) This project is based upon the eclipse RCP framework a

bglconverter is a tool for converting BGL, DIC, OPF, and MOBI files.

BGLConverter is a cross-platform tool that converts dictionary files into other formats. Supported formats are BGL, DIC, OPF and MOBI. It is written in Python. It has both a command line interface and a graphical interface, written in python/PyQt4. For the MOBI format, it requires the external tool mobigen_linux, which can be downloaded from the MobiPocket website.

Fanficdownloader - A python application, web service and calibre plugin for downloading fanfiction.

FanFictionDownLoaderFanFictionDownLoader is a tool for downloading fanfiction and original stories from various sites into ebook form. Main Features of FanFictionDownLoader:Download fanfiction stories from various sites into ebooks.See FanFictionDownloaderSupportedsites for the list of supported sites. Create various ebook formats.Currently supported formats are: epub (the preferred open standard used by most readers, including Sony Reader, Nook and iPad ) mobi (Kindle) html txt Command Line Int

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