Event-Based Components Tooling

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Event-Based Components (EBC) bring software development on par with mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in that they describe how software components can be made truely composable. This project develops tools to help programming with EBCs.




Related Projects

EBC Samples

There are a collection of samples for Event based Components (EBC).

Ebc-with-java - Event based components (EBC) with java

This is a basic framework to bring the concept of event based components to java. Create components (classes) and wire there methods together like integrated circuits on a board.

Ebc-soko - a student project

new sokoban solver classes benefiting from jsoko solver classes and improvements.


Calimbra increases your productivity by creating the infrastructure code for your Flow Designs (FD) automatically. Describe the flows in a file assisted by Calimbra. Calimbra will create function unit classes based on this file and provides the infrastructure "glue" code at ru...

Event-Based Components AppBuilder

Helper library and application to design, develop and run .NET applications based on flow definition language.

Itc-ctg-ipay - EBC Online bug reports and feature requests

EBC Online bug reports and feature requests

Macscrypt - MACSCrypt, cryptography algorithms by MACS logic ;)

MACSCryptPowerful cryptography algorithms implementation, with several user interfaces for the demonstration, but you still can access each separate algorithm from a simple API, you can even have a single library for specific algorithm without needing to include everything ... Integrating MACSCrypt into your code is very simple, it's just one line code needed: //DEFINING THE OBJECT:MACSCrypt macsCryptObj = new MACSCrypt();//DEFINING ALGORITHM AND MODE:macsCryptObj.Algorithm = MACSCrypt::CALGORIT

Architectsnapkinebc - Event-Based Components Sample Code

Sample code for my articles on Event-Based Components in my blog "The Architect´s Napkin".

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