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EasyWeb Framework




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Dreaming-easyweb-project - 高效的JAVA WEB 框架



EasyWeb4J is an end-to-end stack for Java web application development. Its design is inspired by Ruby on Rails. It provides seamless integration with Hibernate and JPA for ORM and automatically manages transactions.

Easyweb4php - 快速�建Web应用程�的框架

这是一个基于PHP/MySQL/Python,快速�建Web应用程�的框架。 其中也包�了其他框架,如:twisted�mootools

Easyweb-java - A source code generator and a platform for developing web application quickly

IntroductionCode Generator: Generic code generator that can be used for generating any type of code. Web application Generator: Web application generator using the code generator. Web application development is always a time consuming exercise. This is an attempt to reduce the turn around time. Here the source code gets generated from the metadata provided by the end user. StatusI am presently working on it. No source code available yet. DependenciesJostraca Code generator

EasyWeb Server

Simple home/business web server suite that includes only the latest (stable) versions of Apache, PHP, phpMyAdmin, and MySQL softwares. Comes in MSI and WinRAR executable editions. Stable version also available.

Celleyes - This is a little project for making mobile user surf web site more quickly and friendly.

This is a little project for making mobile user surf web site more quickly and friendly.

Easyweb4j - jSF1.2+Spring2+Hibernate3

A framework for develop website. Using JSF1.2/Facelets+SpringSource2+Hibernate3. Provides sample project for integration of JSF1.2 (JavaServer Faces) and the Spring framework 2. and hibernate3. The sample all base on Java5 Annotation. less xml configuration. Provides a user-role-resource manage system. base on SpringSecurity, for help user to build a project rapid. Provides a code list system. for user to manage custom business catagory.