Easy SQL

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Eclipse SQL plug-in. Contains SQL editor and executor. Table editor, data retrieve and migration tools. Plug-in has extensions to be used in other projects that need database connectivity.




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IntroducciónEasyPlib es un conjunto de librerias Java para hacer la programación más sencilla y a la vez más productiva. La confección de las librerias está destinada a diferentes usos. DetallesEl desarrollo de este proyecto se conformará con direfentes módulos: EasySQL : Orientada a manejar el entorno de bases de datos. EasyFile : Para el manejo de ficheros y más....

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Stuck with SQL? Experience a new way of creating databases. We want things to be simple and easy to use. So we created Datapace, a language that takes the SQL overhead out of database creation. No programming experience required, ideal for beginners.

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Easiest SQL abstraction ever.

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Select queries in SQL made easy for python!


a database wrapper for easy read and write actions on a sql db (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ...)


Just a small tool i use to quickly query sql or see what data in the tables. Then you export to execl (using open xml) and pdf (still testing that. Using itext). Both can be downlaoded free.