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Flexchess - A flexible 3d chess game with variable rules.

DescriptionThis is not a usual chess game. You can make your own rules. You want a 12x12 chess board and two queens per team? No problem. The integrated a.i. will learn the new situation. There are several rules available, for example the special chess rules (king check, pawn's first move, castling king's/queen's side ...) or the std rules (kill all enemy figures). By modifiing the code you can invent new game rules. Or you can modify the xml files to arrange the figures move possibilities. The

Easy-framework - To create powerfull RIA and RDA application

This Framework contains a set of classes to manage easily: - data persistence in AIR SQLite database - data synchronization between SQLite database and a backend system - data validation - etc...


EasyFramework is a PHP framework for small to medium web applications. It’s as simple and concise as possible, trying to stand out of your way.