easy to use spice interface

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An easy to use spice interface with GTK. This project allows to start and view the simultions with one or two click. It uses gschem for the schematics and ngspice as simulator.




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Repo of the Open Source Android library : RoboSpice. RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous long running tasks easy. It is specialized in network requests, supports caching and offers REST requests out-of-the box using extension modules.


A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 120+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, macports, etc), over 120 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

Cheesboard - building a simple devices simply, quick and cheep

Cheesboard is wants to be a full stack for building a simple devices simply, quick and cheep. It includes: hardware software libraries for building firmware software tools for gluing all together According the cheesboard terminology is creating of an new devices as easy as: creating a project taking ingrediends and spices from cabinet backing with the grill a storing into fridge Doesn’t sound it tasty? Projectsthe whole project consists from smaller projects. BILDuino ist the arduino clone wit


MillScript is a full featured, yet easy to use language for the batch production of templated Web sites. The language is a Java-based, early implementation of Spice: an experimental language developed by the OpenSpice group.

Ahkab - An electronic circuit simulator written in Python

This project aims to develop a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator. The code should be easy to read and modify, the main language is Python and it is platform-independent. News!ahkab can now be run stand-alone with a netlist file or within Python scripts as a library. This will likely become the preferred way in the future. See this butterworth filter simulation for an example/tentative tutorial. Supported simulations:Numeric: Operating point, with guess computation to speed up the solution.

Giewiki - TiddlyWiki to the power of App Engine

If you think TiddlyWiki is wonderful, except that it isn't a real wiki in the classic sense, this could be the wiki engine for you. giewiki tries to be a real wiki: You get preview and versioning of tiddlers, any number of pages in any hierarchy, auto-generated sitemap, comments on tiddlers, fine-grained access control, image upload, recent changes, etc. The utterly incomplete documentation, that may still shed some light on whether it is of any potential use to you - spiced with assorted sillyn

Sshrunner - Automated script running on multiple servers using SSH through a Web interface

What is sshrunner?It's a web server that lets you create server profiles, scripts and run those scripts on the selected servers. How much is it?Although it is LGPL'd, It is not free. Please pay for the software in one of the two different ways specified here: Blog post on sshrunner How does it work?It's quite easy. Create a list of servers and enter their login information like user, password, host, mysql host, user and password. Create a list of SSH-runnable shell scripts. Run a selected script


SpiceWare Joystick Support. This package is designed to make using the joysticks as easy as possible.