easy-deb python module packager

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easy-deb is a tool to automatically create debian packages of standard python modules. It uses easy-install to do its job done.




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Debreate - Debian Package Builder

Debreate is a utility to aid in building Debian packages (deb). The goal is to make developing for Debian based Linux distributions more appealing with an easy to use interface for packaging applications, themes, artwork, media, etc.


Simple, easy to use hardware and power management applet for all i386 and x86_64 Linux laptops, and netbooks. A key component of Fuduntu and the Aurora Linux distribution. Deb packages for Ubuntu are available from Webupd8. Please note Jupiter Applet has been retired and is no longer supported. http://www.fewt.com/2012/12/an-important-announcement-about-jupiter.html

Secure SHell File System

Shfs is a simple and easy to use Linux kernel module which allows you to mount remote filesystems using (secure) shell connection. It comes with rpm/deb package support.

Pisiyap - A Simple PiSi source file creator

PiSiYaP is a simple graphical user interface for easily creating PiSi source files. Screenshots Similar ProjectsPiSi: Pakito PiSi: PiSiDo PiSi: Pilonga PiSi: piside DEB: GiftWrap DEB: Py2deb-gtk RPM: Easy RPM Builder RPM: KRPMBuilder

Uec - Ubuntu Easy Compile is meant to make compiling easier

My option to streamlineing the compiling proccess. I have gotten a lot of criticizm because .debs are obviously better, but for those apps that are not offered for your arch. This is the easiest way to do it (or soon will be).(THIS DOES NOT COMPILE SOURCE CODE TO BYTE CODE OR ANYTHING)

Game-baker - Visual Game editor for kids: Free (open source), cross platform in Python

Update 12 Feb 2009 - Game Baker 0.2.1 ZIP TAR.GZ DEB Changes Update 8 June 2008 - Game Baker 0.2.0 ZIP TAR.GZ DEB Changes To install on Ubuntu download the .deb and run "sudo dpkg -i game-baker-0.2.1.deb" Game Baker is a visual game editor, easy enough for children and fun enough for adult game creators. It is designed to be cross platform and is released under an open source license. Please see the wiki for more information on project goals. Common Links: Architecture, Installing, wiki, Demo Ga

Apt-add - An Easier and Lazier APT Tool

IntroductionIt is a Python script about APT system. With APT-ADD, it will be easier and lazier to handle your source lines and keys. And you can rebuild or recover your environment of packages quickly : ). EasierInstalling a software from a third-party source just in one command! Example: sudo apt-add 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/shutter/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main' 009ED615 shutter+ Of cource, if you want, you can also jostle more softwares ,sources lines or keys into one command. If APT warns that

Gwinwrap - A simple GTK Gui to xwinwrap written in pygtk+glade

Easily add motion to your desktop! I strongly recommend using this new fix of xwinwrap with gwinwrap--the sticky feature is now fixed so minimizing all will no longer minimize the xwinwrap effect! The link includes a deb; you must UNinstall old xwinwrap before trying to install this version.SVN Installation for Ubuntu users...Choose, set, and run--it's that simple.A simpler alternative to xwinwrap's confusing commands, this unofficial chooser panel currently supports both xscreensavers and video

Jddclient - Crossplatform dynamic DNS client

jddclient is a dynamic DNS client. Dynamic DNS providers make it possible to assign a well-known, stable domain name to a computer or router which has a variable, often changing IP address. jddclient determines the public IP address of the computer or the router and submits it to a dynamic DNS provider. It then periodically checks if the IP address was changed and if necessary it notifies the provider. Features: It runs on the Java Platform, so it can be installed on Windows, Linux etc. There is

Banshee-stream-recorder - Extension for banshee that allows users to rip/record internet radio strea

Extension for banshee that allows users to rip/record internet radio streams. With version 0.2.2 the extension is now independent from external programs (it used to need streamripper and/or mplayer). It is still considered a beta version, but has the full feature set implemented: recording "what you hear is what you get" multiple encoders configurable recorded stream injected with metadata tags automatic file splitting (an naming) for streams sending metadata tags for title and artist easy integ