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Earth3D is a program to display the earth as a 3D globe (including heightfields) in real-time. One can zoom until cities become visible. It uses huge datasets that are loaded on demand over the internet. It is possible to embed dynamic data into the view



Related Projects


FreedroidRPG is an original isometric 3D role playing game taking place in the future, on Earth. It features action and dialogs. FreedroidClassic is a 2D arcade game similar to Paradroid.


Silverglobe is a Silverlight 2.0 control that displays a vector based 3D map of the Earth. The globe can be interactively rotated and selectable geographical locations can be added. When a location is selected, it is automatically animated to the center with the earth axis p...

Earthvisualization - Tool to display geolocalized data from any program

Earth Visualization is an ideal tool to display geolocalized data. Earth Visualization provides developers and researchers with a powerful and simple way to show the data from any program.

Earthgames - Games for Google Earth Plugin

Earth Games is a web-based programming and 3D gaming environment. Programs written in JavaScript control a simple gaming environment set on Google Earth. We want to help game developers make whole new worlds of games on Earth! Use the live instance here: This project was used to for an Introduction to Game Programming course taught at the School for Global Studies in Brooklyn, NYC. Project resources for the Citizen Schools Video Game course can be found here: http:

Rescorched - Remake of remarkable game: Scorched Earth

Idea of this remake is to create game that will give as much gaming fun as precursor whilst presenting hi-end 3D graphics.

Rubykml - A set of Ruby functions to generate KML files by parsing US Census boundary files and appl

A set of Ruby functions to generate KML files by parsing US Census boundary files and applying data inputs to generate 3D data visualization in Google Earth. The functions support many of the KML 2.1 features, 2000 - 1990 US Census boundary files, and Federal Elections Commision data files.

Caulker - A 3D Earth tile engine for MonoTouch

Caulker is a 3D Tile engine very similar to Google Earth. It was designed as an alternative to MapKit on the iPhone. Features: Pluggable tile system so you can use whichever TileSet fits your application. Caches tiles so that it can be used without a network connection. Caulker is still in its infancy. The goal was to have a mapping engine that utilized 3D cartesian math instead of projection math so augmented reality / game style rendering could be performed. It is meant to be a game engine tha

Kmltree - KML tree navigation widget for use with the Google Earth API using jQuery

kmltree is a javascript tree widget that can be used in conjunction with the Google Earth API. It replicates the functionality of the Google Earth desktop client, and is fast, extensible, and stable for use in advanced web applications. It's built utilizing the earth-api-utility-library and jQuery. Some choice features include:The ability to render complex KML documents very quickly NetworkLinks can be expanded to reveal their contents, and their features can be accessed programmatically The sta