Executed Audio Repository

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A website using PHP and SQLite that allows for parsing of audio playlogs and displaying them in an easy to read format.




Related Projects

tksolfege ear training program

Tksolfege is an ear training program for learning to recognize chords, intervals, perform rhythm dictation, solfege dictation and singing solfege sequences. The program requires Tcl/Tk 8.4, however the Windows executable has Tcl/Tk builtin.

GNU Solfege

GNU Solfege is *free* ear training software written in python. The program is designed to be easily extended with lesson files (data files), so the user can create new exercises.

Simple Feedback Trainer

The Simple Feedback Trainer is designed to allow sound engineering professionals simulate the process of 'ringing out' a sound reinforcement system, and help users identify howlround frequencies by ear.


MP3Gain analyzes and losslessly adjusts mp3 files to a specified target volume. It does not simply do peak amplitude normalization. Instead, it performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.


A crossplatform tool for learning classical score notation. Mostly for guitarists but also very good for ear training. Features: - numerous settings to personalise for user needs and capabilities - accurate method for detecting sung and played sounds - different name-callings of the notes - support for scordatures - exam mode with different levels to registry Your progresses - levels creator with wide range of settings

Wavelet Auditory Model

A implementation of the mathematical model of the human ear described in the Benedetto and Teolis paper.

Rjar - Recursive Java Archive (jar) Tool

rjar : Recursive Java Archive (jar) Toolrjar is a command-line tool that acts like the regular jar tool, but recursively ! It is very useful when e.g. using ear or war files, or any other "jars of jars"... Supported features : list jar entries recursively : all entries are displayed including entries of nested jars if any expand a jar recursively : expand the jar and its nested jars to the specified directory recreate a jar from an expanded rjar : allows to rebuild a jar with nested jars from an

Javaclasslocator - Locate a java class among a bunch of archives

This project was created out of my own selfish needs to search a class file among a bunch of jar's, war's and ear's. This project is an ongoing effort to optimize and add features to this project while sharing it with the world.

Htmlstripper - HTML Special Character Cleaner

This was really created out of a need to get rid of HTML special characters for a project I was working on at work. It's pretty weak at this point, if you have any recommendations, I'm all ears.