EAPS (Equity Analysis Predictor System)

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AI based stock technical analysis system. The aim of the system is to perform standard technical anlaysis on stock prices and volumes and use ANN (Artificial Neural Network) to make entry/exit recommendations.




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AboutThis is a simple ruby script which can check, download and install IntelliJ EAP builds. It grew out of several scrips I used to ease the process of getting latest EAP builds on my linux machine. I've never tried using it in a different environment, so it's very likely that it won't work out of the box ;) Nevertheless please feel free to try it out, hack it or whatever you want. Feedback is much appreciated :) How to useTarget platforms are Linux and probably MacOS. You must have ruby interp

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Sistema de ventas TABO. Proyecto de ciclo Facultad de Ingeniería de Sistemas e Informática EAP Ingeniería de Sistemas Ciclo : 2011-I Curso : Taller de Proyectos I Grupo : 4 Profesora : LA SERNA PALOMINO, NORA BERTHA


Project contains a library and patches for freeRADIUS and wpa_supplicant which implements ideas of draft-tschofenig-eap-ikev2-12.txt Internet-Draft (http://tools.ietf.org/wg/eap/draft-tschofenig-eap-ikev2-12.txt)

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Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Facultad de Ingeniería de Sistemas e Informática EAP de Ingeniería de Sistemas Proyecto de Ciclo Curso: Inteligencia Artificial Ciclo: 2011-I Tema: Sistemas Expertos Sistema Experto en Turismo OJO El proyecto utiliza las librerias del proyecto Jess para el motor de inferencia. Estas librerías no están bajo ninguna licencia de software libre por lo que el proyecto ha sido subido sin las librerias de Jess. Para que el proyecto funcione, deberá agregar

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What is JB29 Installer ?JBoss Massive Installer installation and configurater If you have to install JBoss on the many machines, that jobs will be a tedious and simple works. You can install JBoss within few miniutes with JB29 JB29 DocumentManual Feed BackDo you have a good idea to improve JB29 or a problem to report? Please e-mail me: nameislocus@gmail.com (Junshik Jeon) and redhat.jwchoi@gmail.com(Jiwoong Choi) Changes

Perl4xn - perl interface to xiaonei api

this is a suite of perl modules to provide perl interface to xiaonei api. for further information about xiaonei.com and its api, please visit: http://dev.xiaonei.com/wiki/API this is a sample: use XiaoNei::API;use XiaoNei::Utils;use Data::Dumper;my $rh_param = { 'xn_sig_method' => 'get', 'xn_sig_expires' => '0', 'xn_sig_user' => '248188729', 'xn_sig_time' => '1215657380734', 'xn_sig_added' => '1', 'xn_sig_in_iframe' => '0', 'xn_sig_session_key' => '+FGkeZyzvDHZXfEApLUUhe8DaCxjeOI6r8t83rp4Ze2nhTJ

Deap - Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python

DEAPDEAP is intended to be an easy to use distributed evolutionary algorithm library in the Python language. Its two main components are modular and can be used separately. The first module is a Distributed Task Manager (DTM), which is intended to run on cluster of computers. The second part is the Evolutionary Algorithms in Python (EAP) framework. ComponentsDTMDTM is a distributed task manager that is able to spread workload over a buch of computers using a TCP or a MPI connection. DTM include

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MakerEAP(Maker Enterprise Application Platform),专注于打造一�的�业级业务平�