EagleEye Thunderbird Extension

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Who do I still need to reply to? Who are all the people I lost contact with? For every person, EagleEye computes simple statistics, e.g., the date of the first message, the gender, or the number of messages. Then use these to filter/sort your contacts.




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Javahoverbuttons - A framework for buttons that activate on mouse hover, rather than clicking.

This project provides a framework in Java to have buttons which activate based on mouse hover, rather than click. Buttons are clicked if the mouse hovers over the button for a settable amount of time (about 1.5 seconds by default.) This project is intended for accessibility. Specifically, I developed it for use with Eagle Eyes, http://www.eagleeyes.org/. This hardware allows a "dwell-time" click, but does not provide any visual feedback that the click will happen. The main purpose of this projec

Eegui - EagleEye's GUI system for Truevision3D

The TrueVision3D engine is a rendering engine using DirectX. The functionality of the engine lies primarily in its 3D rendering, and while it has 2D rendering capability, it does not come packaged with a user interface management system. EEGUI seeks to fill this role, so developers using TrueVision can easily implement a fast, efficient, and full featured GUI in to their projects. EEGUI was originally developed by Jared Mark (aka EagleEye).

eagleeye_ce - A different take on Viss's eagleeye project, optimized for use in clouds

A different take on Viss's eagleeye project, optimized for use in clouds

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computer vision application

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