The Eagle Project

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Eagle (Extensible Adaptable Generalized Logic Engine) is an implementation of the Tcl scripting language for the Common Language Runtime (CLR). See for more info.



Related Projects

Strike Eagle Eye

Tools and file format documentation for Microprose F-15 Strike Eagle III

Eagle Mode

Eagle Mode is a zoomable user interface (ZUI) with professional file manager, text amp; image viewer, audio amp; video player, archiver, chess game, 3D minesweeper, world clock, and fractal fun, all integrated in a virtual cosmos, with C++ toolkit API.

Fireeaglenet - Fire Eagle library for .NET

This project will serve as the collaborative home for the .net library that encapsulates the Fire Eagle API. Fire Eagle is a Yahoo-owned location sharing platform.

Fetzu - Fire Eagle time zone updater

Asks Fire Eagle where you are and updates your system's time zone accordingly

Django-fireeagle - Fire Eagle tools for Django

The django_fireeagle package contains code to handle the Fire Eagle authorisation process within Django. You can use it to manage connections between Django users and their respective Fire Eagle access tokens. Documentation is available at To install, check the code out using this and place django_fireeagle somewhere on your Python path: svn co django_fireeagleAn exa

Eagle-py - Eagle is a python library to help GUI development.

Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits to make GUI programming as easy as possible. Eagle reaches this by narrowing what's possible to do and providing high level components with easy to use API. Other examples: Chaveiro (pt_BR: Brazilian Portuguese) módulo que implementa um chaveiro, onde podemos guardar senhas diversas usando criptografia RC4.

Jfireeagle - Java client library for Yahoo Fire Eagle + Fire Eagle Android application

Java client library for Yahoo Fire Eagle's REST API Mailing lists: jfireeagle at googlegroups jfireeagle-commits at googlegroups jfireeagle-issues at googlegroups Example code: import jfireeagle.*Token consumer = new Token();consumer.setPublicKey("a123");consumer.setSecret("secret123");Token user = new Token();user.setPublicKey("u456");user.setSecret("user-secret");ClientSettings settings = new ClientSettings();settings.setConsumerToken(consumer);settings.setUserSpecificToken(user);FireEagleClie

SparkFun-Eagle-Libraries - SparkFun's Public Eagle PCB Footprints using Eagle 6.0+

SparkFun's Public Eagle PCB Footprints using Eagle 6.0+

Autobga - Generate BGA footprints from datasheet package drawing screenshot

The AutoBGA program is a GUI for generating footprint data from a screenshot or image captured from the package drawing in the data sheet. AutoBGA allows CAD designers to produce BGA footprints quickly and reliably from approved drawings. Complex ball patterns and multiple orientations are easily accomodated. Several output formats are supported: TSV (TAB-separated values) list of pad positions and names for spreadsheet import or CAD software packages XML list of pad positions and names EAGLE SC

Feel-raytracer - This project is to develop a Ray Tracer ,Ray Tracing is a global illumination based

This project is developed by Group Feel(Forrest,Eagle-Eyes and Lorraine) as assignments of Large Scale Programming ,the objective is to write a clear code in java also with well documentation,rather than to implement a efficient ray tracer.