Ext2 Filesystems Utilities

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The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debugging ext2 filesystems.




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install on ubuntu:apt-get install uuid-dev install as pecl test<?php var_dump(uuid());output string(36) "0505bd5a-96f6-471a-ba48-0533a47a0f4a"a simple php wrapper of the e2fsprogs

GNU ext2resize

Obsolete tools for resizing ext2 filesystems. Not maintained since 2004. The majority of this functionality was included into e2fsprogs years ago.

Gdisk-format - GUI to format disks

ENGLISH: gdisk-format is a tool developed in C with GTK for format of pendrives or harddisks. It offers information about disks. This was made for users who are beginning to use Linux. It supports the filesystems more commons: NTFS, FAT32, EXT3 and EXT4. Note1: You must be ROOT for run it Note2: You must have installed e2fsprogs, dosfstools, ntfsprogs and gnome-mount ESPAÑOL: gdisk-format es una herramienta desarrollada en C con GTK que proporciona una interfáz gráfica para formatear memorias

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Libext2fs-wii - This is a port of libext2fs for the Wii.

This is a port of libext2fs for the Wii. It supports the file systems ext2, ext3 and ext4 with or without compression. Read all needed information about libext2fs on http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net/ext2.html. The current port of the source in the trunk is based on the source of the official e2fsprogs 1.42 release.




e2fsprogs patched to support lustre, and renamed to avoid conflicting with e2fsprogs


e2fsprogs patched to support lustre and renamed to avoid conflicting with e2fsprogs