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e107 is a website content management system written in PHP and MySQL. It installs a completely dynamic website on your server allowing you complete control of your site from a secure and intuitive, yet powerful and flexible admin area. Coded within the XHTML 1.1 Standard




Related Projects

WebAnalytics - e107 Plugin

WebAnalytics is a plugin written in PHP for the the open source content management system e107 (http://www.e107.org). This plugin helps to easily integrate Google Analytics or other web analytic code to an e107 powered website.

e107 CMS Thai Edition

e107 thai edited version : this software is the e107 content management system modified and developed / re-organized by Assistant Professor Prachid Tinnabutr, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University : Links URL:www.e107thailand.com, www.prachid.com

Ebattles - Online Gaming Ladders - e107 CMS plugin (PHP script)

eBattles is a plugin for e107 CMS written in PHP. It lets you organize your own Gaming Ladders and Tournaments! eBattles is a great plugin for gaming clans. eBattles features: Fully automated Ladders and Tournaments. Suitable for all types of multiplayer games especially action, card, board and strategy games. Teams or Individual. Teams with Divisions for each game. Teams/Players ranked using complex ranking algorithm for more accurate ranking. (ELO, ...) Support multiple languages (English, Spa

e107 Auto Gallery

A e107 media gallery plug-in that bases galleries on a directory structure. Meta data is stored with XML.

E107-easyshop - EasyShop e107 plugin: your easy to use PayPal enabled shop!

EasyShop v1.6 (stable) is released June 3, 2011. EasyShop is an easy e107 shop plugin with Paypal, PayPal IPN or e-mail checkout. Purpose of the EasyShop pluginGOAL: Create an easy to set up web shop within e107 that integrates with PayPal, PayPal IPN or e-mail checkout. NOTE: Currently only HTML PayPal Website Payments Default is supported. NOTE: originally distributed as jbShop - by Jesse Burns aka Jakle. Featuresuse PayPal or e-mail the order to website administrator predefined all 16 PayPal

Tools-suite - Tools and utilities to test supported Open Source CMS's for common mis-configurati

Tools Suite2 (TS2)Tools and utilities to test supported Open Source CMS's for common mis-configurations, security or installation issues. The Tools Suite2 application follows in the footsteps of the Joomla! and Mambo Tools Suites and can diagnose, report and advise on common installation, health and security issues, including performing several common performance and recovery actions. Development for inclusion of the following Open Source Content Management Systems is under way; Drupal e107 Joom


e107 Website CMS (Content Management System) v2 with PHP, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Pull-requests welcome!

Free-contabil - Sistema de Controle de Custos - PSL 107

Este repositório irá conter a aplicação Free Contábil desenvolvida para atender aos requisitos essenciais descritos na discplina Engenharia de Software para Software Livre 2 é que agora passa a ser desenvolvida na disciplina Engenharia de Software para Software Livre 3. Requisitos técnicos: Linguagem de Programação: PHP 5 Banco de dados: MySQL 5.0.2 Ambiente: Web Outras tecnologias: Ajax, DOM e Javascript Componentes / papeis: Alan Alencar - Gerente do projeto e programador Aureliano Mo

Phpsvm - PHP Script Version Manager

EnglishThis is a script in php to create versions of a script (md5 sums in a php file) and to see if files are edited or not that's what the script does yet the idea behind my project is that when you have for example the CMS e107 in the version 0.7.7 and the new version 0.7.8 comes out. This script will be able to download the new version from the site of the project. Untar or unzip the files in the good directory if they aren't modified. Or compares the new files with the old ones and you can