Travel Support System

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Comprehensive framework for delivering personalized travel services using agent infrastructure.



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Footprintcom - A traveler network developed for the interest

We all love travel. But sometimes planning for a trip can be really painful. The information from the Internet may be out of date. We want to book a hotel but not sure whether the ranking on some website is trustable. We cannot find a friend to share a car to visit some place. These are the reasons why we believe a network among travelers would be so important. In this network, travelers can share their most up-to-date travel experience via travelogue, snapshot or even video. Travelers can mark

Hotels-travel-booking-internet-software - internet software for booking travel services like hotels,

Reservation System to simplify the task of online booking, provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web. Online reservation system for hotels, properties, motels and b&bs. The site that I made : , The lodging industry is well represented over the internet but sometimes it is hard to find hotel names, official contact info as telephone numbers, website and email address. Search e

Tripshare - Share, Search and Go!

Travel is an essential part of human life and may take different forms depending on the occasion. Trips, however, are undoubtedly the only form that is loved and wished to do often by almost everybody. In fact people spend a considerable amount of time on planning trips. It is essential to research on a trip before traveling primarily for two reasons, i.e. finance and risk. Every trip involves some amount of financial expense and it is usually larger than daily expenses. Also, most of the time p

Mobile-agent - Its peace of code which travels trough the network from host to host, it checks the s

Mobile agent is a peace of code that works as a agent for the user and travels host to host saving its status using serialization. It checks the e commerce offers and choose the best offers. Mobile agent returns these offers to the user when the user log in and see his mobile agent. Mobile agents are the future of the e commerce. Its requirement can be understood by the following example. Ramesh is a sales executive and he travels several places and could not stay online all the time. He comes o

Gmgraphlib - A Graph Library for Java

The GMGraphLib is a graph library made with Java. With it, the programmer can make searches, like BFS and DFS, and detect connected components and cycles in a graph. It can deal with directed and undirected graphs, weighted or not. Additionally, it implements many graph algorithms, like Dijkstra and Prim. Now, it offers an algorithm that solves the Travelling Salesman Problem, with an approximated answer. GMGraphLib é uma biblioteca de grafos feita em Java. Com ela, o programador pode fazer bus

Co2-footprint - system for calculating co2 footprint on both personal and organisational levels

There is currently a lot of effort being made by organisations such as the NHS, Universities and IT companies to reduce their carbon footprint and lessen their environmental impact. Aim of this project is to build an application that will allow individuals / departments or project teams monitor their carbon footprint especially focusing on the areas of energy consumption, the impact of travel and the use of consumables such as paper and ink. The product should have the ability to take informatio

Mevoy - A semantic social network focused on travels experiences

Me VoyRede social com foco na criação colaborativa de conteúdo e aplicação automática de semântica. A aplicação será concebida já com a preocupação de escalabilidade e se utilizando sempre que possível de serviços de terceiros (Mashups). Mais detalhes da implementação e funcionalidades serão colocadas no wiki de acordo com a evolução e decisões tomadas. Navegue pelo wiki

Theframeshiftkids - Keepin' track o' frameshift code (Beached Whale Frameshift)

Click below for good times by Hao Lian (shadytrees), Vivek Bhattacharya (nemosupport), and Daniel Vitek (drvitek), second place winners in the national Siemens Competition. You can download our presentation at the right. You can read the paper describing our model in lustrous detail with full references to biological literature as well as a cursory synthesis of physics, biology, mathematics, and angst. GSPtools is documented within the work-in-progress manual. NewsSee Changelog for details. Apri

E-travel-ptit - ptit

Project develope a system support for Tourism