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Allows web-clients to set up reminders to automatically E-mail them at a certain time to remind them of special events. They can set up a one-time reminder or a recurring reminder, and they can have it notify them in advance. Req's PHP/MySQL




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pin 'em up

pin 'em up is a tool for placing small notes/post-its (e.g. TODOs/Reminders) on your desktop and organize them in various ways (categorize,hide,upload,export,...). Due to platform independence, the notes can also be shared on different operating systems

Monitio - Monitio.nl is a place to store your annual reminders like e.g. birthdays

Monitio.nl is a place to store your annual reminders like e.g. birthdays The website source is here under version control. See WelcomePage for more information.

Birthdayreminder - Remember the birthday of your iPhone contacts

Birthday ReminderPlay sound and show alert to remember the birthday of your iPhone contacts. Works only for 1.1.4 or lower version. DependsBirthday reminder depends on: Jailbreaked iPhone Erica Utilities for playaudio and alert. Python interpreter from Natetrue. InstallCopy folder anywhere your iPhone (i.e. /var/mobile/Library/BirthdayReminder) and add this line to the root crontab: # crontab -e30 9 * * * python /var/mobile/Library/BirthdayReminder/src/birthdayreminder/reminder.pyThis way birthd

Mailreminder - Reminder/simple task manager without leaving mail client

OverviewA simple notes/tasks reminder. A task is submitted by an e-mail, reminder arrives in an e-mail. Written in Ruby, this server is hidden behind regular mail server. In the part receiving messages works similar to Remember The Milk ComponentsSystem has two main components: SMTP server - submits reveiver scheduler - remind sender ServerServer listens on localhost:1234 receiving e-mail messages from regular, hardened SMTP server (postfix in my case). After receiving the mail is parsed to obta

Ehot - Desktop Java application allows to create notification messages, reminders, schedule your tas

eHOT is an applications to manage your time: create your own events calendar, set various notifications for each event, create "yellow notes" on the desktop of your PC, setup the reminder to not forget the things should be done, schedule sending an e-mail, make your To-Do list. You can run it in Windows or Linux as well.

Nwn2-hokeys-plugin - A plugin to add hotkeys to the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset

If you want to participate to the development of this plugin, contact me by e-mail (see my profile on the vault, or guess my e-mail adress ;o). Reminders : 1) I'm a beginner at programming, so be prepared to encounter some frightening code. 2) I'm a beginner at making SVN projects and managing such collaborative projects. 3) I'm not perfectly at ease with English speaking, I might write strange sentences. :o) Ovocean

Entelib - Web-based tool managing small size library.

Small size library manager. Search for books easily, then reserve and rent it. Project developed under Django 1.2.1. Featuresprovides interface to manage typical library data like adding/deleting/updating books and user accounts, provides interface to manage typical book rental process: reservation, rental, return, provides e-mail based reminder on pre-defined events like: book availability, overdue rental, provides basic and advanced searching possibilities, provides set of pre-defined reports

Wordsreminder - Reminds words from any language you study

Words Reminder (Odpytywacz Słówek) - Version 1.6 Available Now (02.09.2008)!!!Words Reminder can help if you study a foreign language and need something to remind you of the words you just learned, but are about to forget. The program is very small, stays on top of the screen, does not bother you at work, and continuously takes a random word from your dictionary and displays it, asking you to enter the translation. If you do not enter the translation, after several seconds the program will sho

Comendar Community Event Calendar System

PHP/MySQL web application to generate a community calendar web site, which publicises community events and allows users to keep track of their own, personal appointments. Provides effective, automated reminders of important events via e-mail.

Bambotoo - An IRC bot in php

BambotooIts a bunch of php scripts that runs on the command line and is a socket/listener IRC bot. It works and its easy to create your own plugins and !actions checkit on freenode#smarty!smarty (does a manual lookup) It never been load tested as it was intented to be handy and fun, rather that some professional ting. Still works though. FeaturesModularized OOP Dead easy to implement your own modules Multichannel Spam protection (Output-buffer) Channel logging (either eggdrop format or custom) B