Eclipse - Run All Tests plugin

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This eclipse plugin aims at providing means to run JUnit tests for several Eclipse projects at once.



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e4rat (quot;Ext4 - Reducing Access Timesquot;) is a toolset to accelerate the boot process as well as application startups. Through physical file realloction e4rat eliminates both seek times and rotational delays.

Moswar - Automation scripts for browser game

This bot it designed specially for browser game and able to do most repetive tasks in game, i.e. Fighting Patrol Work Clan wars Auto healing Digging metro Searching for rat Fight raiders

Apache-rat-pd - RAT Plagiarism Detector

Apache RAT plagiarism detectorWhat is it?Apache RAT plagiarism detector is command-line tool for searching the code base for possibly plagiarized code using web code search engines. Shortly - it checks if source code is cut&pasted from somewhere by searching on Google code search, Koders code search.... Tool is still unfinished with very basic usability..... This simple tool is based on this idea: More information can be found on: http:

Erat - eRat IM Client

eRat is a open P2P IM framework designed completely without a central server. It implements an extended Bittorrent DHT protocol so an eRat client is also a Bittorrent DHT node.But eRat runs an independent routing table for our own overlay network.The Bittorrent DHT network was used to help the bootstrap procedures. To get the newest source code under development you need access to our Mercurial repository: $hg clone erat

Kiama - A Scala library for language processing

OverviewKiama is a Scala library for language processing. It enables convenient analysis and transformation of structured data. The programming styles supported by the library are based on well-known formal language processing paradigms, including attribute grammars, tree rewriting, abstract state machines, and pretty printing. Kiama is a project of the Programming Languages Research Group in the Department of Computing at Macquarie University and is led by Tony Sloane (inkytonik on GMail and Tw

Pypacman - Jogo em Python para a Disciplina de Programação I do curso de Ciência da Computação

Como parte integrante da disciplina Programação I no curso de Ciência da Computação - UFCG, tem por objetivo fazer um jogo, usando Python, mas espeficamente o Pygame, o jogo escolhido foi o Pac Man, elaborado por Pablo Herivelton e Luis Henrique. Segue abaixo um pouco da historia do jogo URL do Video: Pac Man é um dos jogos mais populares do mundo, criado em 1980, foi reproduzido para muitos outros consoles, tornando-se ainda na atualidade, um ót

Spmlot - Statistical Parametric Mapping for Laminar Optical Tomography

Statistical Parametric Mapping for Laminar Optical TomographyMotivationWhile 3D activation maps recovered in our former work (Ouakli, Guevara, Dubeau, Beaumont, & Lesage, 2010) provide a volumetric view of activation, it is difficult to fully interpret the results since they only convey amplitude. To make LOT a bona fide neuronal technique, statistical measures akin to those in fMRI (The FIL methods group, 2010) are developed in this work to provide statistical maps of activation rather than sim

Trminer - Token based Regular Expression Miner

TRMiner is a python tool that aims at scientific data curators. It allows to rapidly prune large collections of scientific publications to sentences relevant for a given mining goal. The approach works in two steps. First, texts are tranlated into sequences of tokens for relevant words. Second, regular expression patterns are searched in the token sequences. Matches are translated back into natural language sentences and provided as HTML5 based output, that allows manual curators to sort and rat

Ehu-mail-notifier - Un notificador para el correo de la UPV/EHU

EHU Mail NotifierDescripciónEHU Mail Notifier es una extensión para Mozilla Firefox que sirve para ver el número de correos que hay sin leer en la cuenta de correo de la UPV/EHU y que permite acceder directamente a ella. Esta extensión nació para aprender algo sobre la tecnología de Firefox (y de Mozilla en general) y para evitar tener que estar metiendo siempre el nombre de usuario, contraseña, servidor e idioma en esa incómoda página que existe para acceder al correo. Revisiones0.8.4A

Wii-duofx-nunchuk - Library for arduino that allows you to connect Datel Wireless Duo FX Nunchuk Con

Wii Duo FX Nunchuk Controller Library for ArduinoWARNING !Project is now hosted on github. Source files and documents located here (google code) will be no longer updated/supported. For more info go to: OverviewLibrary was designed and tested under The Arduino Duemilanove (0017). The main purpose of the library is to provide simple way for receiving informations about 3 axis accelerometer, joystick and buttons Z/C state. Watch movie: