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e-NVISION, STREP project of the 6th FP (http://www.e-nvision.org/). This site contains the open-source software developed in the project. Keywords: e-Business, ontologies, platform, semantic web services, BPEL processes.




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Pyshp - Python Shapefile Library

OverviewThis library reads and writes ESRI Shapefiles in pure Python. You can read and write shp, shx, and dbf files with all types of geometry. Everything in the public ESRI shapefile specification is implemented. This library is compatible with Python versions 2.4 to 3.x. Get Started InstantlyDownload shapefile.py Start Python import shapefile Try one of the examples below OR Just run: easy_install pyshp If you are looking for information on .sbn and .sbx file formats some documentation is ava

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