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e-Ark aims at providing a diocese and its churchs with the online tools to efficiently manage the data for its parishioners and provide best service and care for them. e-Ark will be developed using PHP/MySQL/Smarty. e-Ark supports both Linux/Windows.




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Uniaarhus - dSoftArk E07 Exercises and projects

The sourcecode of the mandatory project of dSoftArk 2007 by group: Troels Bak Andersen, Mads Fabricious and Rasmus Roege.

Dsoftark-e07-gr7 - dSoftArk E07, group 7

Software Arkitektur, Ã…rhus Universitet, Daimi, gruppe 7

Arkpythonoid - jogo arkanoid escrito em liguagem python

um jogo simples estilo arkanoid o codigo escrito em python foi feito, tomando por base o codigo disponivel no site do curso á distancia ufcg 2010.2 situado em : http://sites.google.com/site/cursoadistanciadeprogramacao/projeto/pygame Como jogar: descompactar o arquivo no diretorio de sua preferencia. no windows, duplo clic no arquivo ArkPythonoid.py , no linux, entre no prompt, abra o diretorio onde esta o arquivo ArkPythonoid.py e o execute com o comando: python ArkPythonoid.py no menu, seleci

Open-ark - generic libraries and applications for robotics

Ark is a generic, lightweight and flexible C++ library for robotics research. In contains the following libraries Application: helpers for writing main(): command line parameters class; signal flag; etc Csv: CSV-related visitors and streams Dispatch: double-dispatch wrapper IO: input-output classes and utilities like select wrapper, io-tee, etc Math: wrappers for some of the math operations (e.g. floating-point comparison) NameValue: visitors for arbitrary data represented as a list of name-valu

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For use in dSoftArk E2012 Aarhus University

HotCiv - Mandatory project for dSoftArk E12

Mandatory project for dSoftArk E12

eArk - Database for Diocese of Sydney

Database for Diocese of Sydney

arke - Generic asynchronous messaging (SMS/MMS/e-mail/twitter etc...) game platform

Generic asynchronous messaging (SMS/MMS/e-mail/twitter etc...) game platform

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