CSV adapter for Dynamics AX 2012

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CSV adapter for Dynamics AX 2012




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AxCrypt - Personal Privacy and Security with AES-128 File Encryption and Compression for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7. Double-click to automatically decrypt and open documents. Store strong keys on removable USB-devices.


AxBase is an Open source MDB / SQL Server Database viewer and editor. You can view amp; edit the tables (+ field descriptions) and execute SQL queries without Access licence. Export Tables to CSV/ XLS, Compress amp; Repair MDB. Compile needs Delphi + JVCL. Next releases (available in Code) will be JCL/JVCL independant and D7 (-gt; version) to XE2 (1.1 -gt; versions) UNICODE compatible. New : add Styles to skin the UI.

ax25 Libraries and Utilities

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A library of modules for the Tridium Niagara AX platform. AX programmers are encouraged to use and expand the library.

axTLS Embedded SSL

axTLS is a TLSv1 SSL library designed specifically for embedded devices, with a highly configurable interface for small memory footprints.

AX.25 mail utilities

A set of utilities for packet radio mail exchange with the BBS.

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AxPipe - A binary stream abstraction C++ class framework for efficient implementation of both push and pull-model filters and all kinds of sources and sinks. Implementation-transparent optional multi-threading. Efficient reference-counted buffer handling

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Pistoletyax - pistolety aplikacja dla ax

axowa wersja aplikacji pistolety