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DynamicJasper is an API that hides Jasper Reports complexity, it helps developers to create reports directly from Java (at runtime!). This project is made from Argentina to the world.




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A bigger sample application for the ZK framework. http://www.zkoss.org . Uses Spring, Spring-AOP, Spring-Security, Hibernate, JasperReports, DynamicJasper, Generic-Hibernate-DAO. Live Demo: http://www.zk-web.de/zksample2/

Short-translate - Translate, add and go !

Dictionary that gives words translations that can be added to a word list and exported to PDF. Project contains usage of : - Maven - Apache Wicket Web Framework : - Drop Down Choice - List View - Text Field - Action Panel - Button - Download Link - Mongo DB through Mongo Labs - Jasper Reports through Dynamic Jasper Build and Run : 1) mvn clean install 2) mvn jetty:run 3) browse http://localhost:8080/shorttranslate/

DynamicJasper-Struts2 - Library to integrate DynamicJasper and Struts2

Library to integrate DynamicJasper and Struts2

DynamicJasper - Dynamic Reports using Jasper Reports

Dynamic Reports using Jasper Reports