Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer)

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Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) is designed to switch datagram based on the incoming network interface. The switch will not check the IP (or MAC) address of those datagram. It will forward the packages to the proper outgoing network interface(s). Thi



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zimg generates png / jpeg images from arbitrary formatted 2-D ascii or binary data. zimg is a command line tool and suitable for rendering large amounts of 2-D data. zimg is highly configurable via command line switches and dynamically loadable objects.


EzDeploy A cute and dynamic deploy app. Written in WPF, using WindowsPhone.Tools(by Oren Nachman) and Toggle Switch Control Library(by Eric Jensen)

Protobuf-pyb - A minimal, dynamic, pure Python implementation of Protocol Buffers

pyb is a minimal, dynamic, pure Python implementation of Protocol Buffers. What does this mean? minimal: Aiming for 1000-1500 total lines of code. Less code is faster code, especially in Python. dynamic: no code generation, no build step pure Python: usable without compiling any dependencies; usable in restricted environments like App Engine See for some comments. Compare pyb's with the official protobuf They are quite similar. TODO: Switch to lazy deco

Invisible-js - Javascript Documentation Framework (Markdown, Textile, Wiki format support)

About Invisible.jsInvisible.js is javascript documentation framework. Featuresdocument auto loading (url anchor or html attribute) switching parser (Markdown, Textile, Wiki, Json, Html) dynamically switching between documents (browser back support) attach jarty template engine (Smarty like language) Required Pluginsjquery jquery.history Supported document formatmarkdown textile wiki json Documentation and Examples

Dynamicport - Allows for different protocols to coexist on the same port number

Dynamicport is a switch which 'guesses' the protocol of the client and connects the socket to the appropriate element. There are two kinds of protocols: Client-first and Server-first protocols. HTTP is a client-first protocol NTP is a server-first protocol Dynamic port can provide for unlimited client-first protocols and up to one server first protocol. It would, for example, allow http requests and ntp requests on the same port. Motivation: Allow for to serve both http and ntp

Vcsim - A Simulator for Version Consistent Dynamic Reconfiguration of Component-based Distributed Sy

This is a discrete event simulator developed to evaluate several algorithms ensuring the version consistency of dynamic reconfiguration of component-based distributed systems. The paper describing the algorithms will appear on ESEC/FSE 2011. To download and run the simulator, one should: Be sure JDK 1.6, Eclipse and Subclipse (Eclipse SVN plugin) are properly installed Start Eclipse and switch to SV NRepositoryExploring perspective Add a new location with the following URL: http://vcsim.googleco

Fastdtw - Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) with a linear time and memory complexity

FastDTW is an approximate Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm that provides optimal or near-optimal alignments with only O(N) time and memory requirement, in contrast to the O(N^2) requirement for the standard DTW algorithm. FastDTW uses a multilevel approach that recursively projects a solution from a coarser resolution and refines the projected solution. Implementation: FastDTW is implemented in Java. If the JVM heap size is not large enough for the cost matrix to fit into memory, the impleme

Simple-dm - Simple Dynamic Modules for Groovy

What are Simple Dynamic Modules?Simple Dynamic Modules (SDM) for Groovy is a module system based on Maven that provides a way to achieve dynamic modularization of applications and services on the JVM platform using Maven artifacts and repositories. SDM aims to be for Groovy and the Java platform what RubyGems is to the Ruby language. Combined with the powerful meta programming capabilities of Groovy, SDM is the perfect tool to package and use DSLs (just like the way RubyGems does). For example,

Bss-util - Black Sphere Studios utility library for C/C++

This is a collection of miscellaneous utility code used to simplify common tasks in C/C++ programs. Generalized linked list manipulation Allocators with a state Logging INI parsing Reference counting Mutex manipulation Array-based linked list Threaded red-black tree implementation AVL tree implementation DLL-friendly simplified dynamic array implementation Array-based stack implementation A lockless queue x86 assembly for CMPXCHG command A templatized khash implementation Command line parsing Fi

Openanswer - OpenAnswer is a dynamic, cross-platform application designed for inbound Call Centers a

OpenAnswer is a collection of scripts written in PHP to provide an easy-to-use application for use in an inbound or blended call center. Key features of OpenAnswer include: Managing Calls Call Parking Blind and Attended Transfer Call Barging/Interruption Call Recording Provide Dynamic Call Scripts Pre-populated Scripts Hot-Key Accessible Message and/or Order Taking Pop-up form verification Pre-populated forms Automatic Message Delivery (additional configuration required) Administration Dynamic A

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