HW+ / DXR3 device driver for Linux

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This project is an attempt to provide the Linux community with kernel drivers for two hugely popular DVD playback cards namely DXR3 from Creative Labs and Hollywood Plus from Sigma Designs.




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dxr3-plugin for klaus schmidinger's vdr.

dxr3Player - DVD player for Linux/DXR3

This project aims to create a DVD player for Linux and the Creative DXR3 (aka Sigma Designs Hollywood+) MPEG2 decoder board


rSub is a project for realtime multinational subtitling of DVD's. At the moment this consists of a plugin for OMS that uses the dxr3 decoder.


Plugin for VDR (Video Disk Recorder, see http://www.cadsoft.de/vdr/) to use external players (for example dxr3player or oxine).

em8300 - DXR3 and H+ driver

DXR3 and H+ driver

em8300 - Driver for the em8300 / dxr3 mpeg2 decoder cards

Driver for the em8300 / dxr3 mpeg2 decoder cards

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