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Related Projects


RefactorDW is a tool based on Java technology that provides several capabilities for restructuring and refactoring existing Dokuwiki article assets. It may be also used as a converter preparing the migration to Atlassian's Confluence wiki.


Rexx/DW is an external function package for Rexx programmers providing a cross platform GUI toolset. The underlying GUI package is Dynamic Windows.

Dw-taxi - python php dw-taxi web code

python php is web code not open

Ci-shopping-cart - dynamic shopping cart built over CI1.7.2

a template that is based on CI 1.7.2. picked up from CI with open license. i am making modification over it for learning purpose. any one can contribute on it thanks DW

Epd - expression-s for d

WIP s-expr for d prgramming language 2-x Now is under heavy modifiation outside internet. New home see Introduction

Ljuntagged - Export an HTML list of untagged LJ(-esque) posts, using Python. Based on ljdump.

This code started out as ljdump by Greg Hewgill. I modified it to where it would do what I needed it to do.