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DVX is a video encoding tool with support for many source and target formats. Please visit the website at http://www.planetdvb.net/dvx to download recent versions.




Related Projects

Dvx-box - a modular cms database less

vdx-box framework is a modular cms. It's a nuke family cms still was more efficent simple and easy to install. Don't use database still have a api to use in any application this. It was developeved from a italian team and istructions,code comment are related on italian.

Sk-dvx - Smith-Kettlewell Descriptive Video Exchange

Under the support of a three-year grant from the National Eye Institute (NEI grant # R01 EY020925-01), Smith-Kettlewell is currently conducting an exciting new project to investigate the use of crowd-sourcing to provide readily available amateur description for DVD-based video. The DVX Project is developing software that allows sighted video viewers to seamlessly add audio description to DVDs as they watch. Those descriptions are then automatically shared over the Internet while the video materi