Dvorak-QWERTY Layout for Windows

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Dvorak-QWERTY Layout has character codes from Dvorak Layout, but virtual key codes from QWERTY layout. It means that ( in most apps) you type text in Dvorak, but all short-keys (including Ctrl+lt;keygt;) will be as in QWERTY. Created with MSKLC 1.4.




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Dvorak-qwerty - "Dvorak-Qwerty ⌘" (DQ) keyboard layout for Windows and Unix/Linux/X

On Mac OSX, there is a keyboard layout known as "Dvorak-Qwerty ⌘". This layout normally acts like Dvorak, but when the command key is held, it becomes Qwerty. I find this layout has two significant advantages over straight Dvorak: The common copy/paste hotkeys X, C, and V remain on the left hand, and so can be used while the right hand is on the mouse. Holding the control key with my pinky tends to make it hard for me to remember where many keys are located, because my hands are no longer posi