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dvi2bitmap is a utility to convert TeX DVI files directly to bitmaps, without going through the complicated (and slow!) route of conversion via PostScript and PNM. The prime motivation for this is to prepare mathematical equations for inclusion in HTML files, but there is a broad range of uses beyond that. dvi2bitmap... * is written in portable C++, and the program acts as a wrapper round the libdvi2bitmap library (both static and shareable), which abstracts DVI and PK files and their contents, Bitmaps, and various other objects supporting these; the library has extensive API documentation, and is intended to be useful for other projects; * can generate XBM, XPM and GIF bitmaps, plus PNG, if you have the libpng library installed; * uses the same kpathsea font-searching library as other TeX programs; * can read DVI files from a pipe; * automatically expands internal bitmaps; * is fast.




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Mathpedia is an HTML/PHP/SQL/AmS-LaTeX/dvi2bitmap system whose purpose is to provide a copylefted encyclopedia of mathematics with emphasis on definitions and theorems.

dvi2bitmap - Convert a dvi file to a bitmap

Convert a dvi file to a bitmap