Photo DVD Slideshow

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With DVD Slideshow you're able to put your photo collection on a DVD! Now it's easy and fun to show your photos to your friends. Make it even more enjoyable by adding sound, and by your own made menu. A must have for every Linux user!



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DVD Slideshow

dvd-slideshow makes a slideshow video that can be used to make flash video (FLV), MP4s, or a DVD with menus. You can add some nice effects like fades, crops, scrolls, or Ken Burns effects. Think of it as a command-line clone of iMovie.

slideshow creator

Slideshow creator is a GUI to create, modify and preview jpg (jpeg) images slideshows to be later finalized with dvd-slideshow. Effects like crop, kenburns and scroll permit to realize beautiful high quality DVD slideshows.

dvd-slideshow - dvd-slideshow makes a DVD slideshow video

dvd-slideshow makes a DVD slideshow video