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dvd95 is a gnome application to convert dvd 9 to dvd 5




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WinUSB is Windows Portable. WinUSB can install in USB Disks. Modified Windows 9x can install (minimum) 256 MB. Windows 95 with WinUSB supports NTFS, DVD's and more. Portable Modified Windows XP can install, too.

M-jbrc - This mobile java Bluetooth remote control system is a java application with a client and se

Mobile Java Bluetooth Remote Control This project is our original work submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for an award of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Information Technology at KIST in academic year 2010 ABSTRACT J2ME and Bluetooth technologies are two of the most exciting offerings in the wireless industry today. Imagine being able to use your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to operate your laptop or PC, lock and unlock your car, and control your TV, VCR, DVD