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DVC2D is a physical simulation library capable of simulating and animating planar systems of rigid bodies experiencing intermittent and steady unilateral contacts with friction. One can also include friction between the bodies and the plane of motio




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Database-version-control - DVC - DatabaseVersionControl

Get your database under version control!Your code is under version control, and about your database?Control yours database scripts with a DSL written in Java. --- Get Started: script.create().table("user").defineColumns( new Column("id").type(DataType.LONG).notNull().primaryKey(),\t new Column("userName").type(DataType.STRING).size(25).notNull(), new Column("password").type(DataType.STRING).size(50).notNull(), new Column("creationDate").type(DataType.DATE).notNull(), new Column("lastLogin").type

Faker4scala - scala port of ruby faker

The project has moved to http://github.com/dvc94ch/faker4scala This is a Scala port of the ruby faker lib for generating sample data like names, addresses, companies, email addresses, telephone numbers and just nonsense text for testing purposes. Getting Started with Faker 1.2:import fake._object GenerateSomeData extends Application { //print some stuff for(i <- 0 to 10) { println("%s %s" format (Name.name, PhoneNumber.phone_number)) println("%s %s %s" format (Company.name, Company.catch_phrase,

Dolphinvideoconverter - Dolphin service menu to convert multimedia files.

Dvc is a service menu developed to convert quickly your files -create your prefered config file -select files add to your conversion list -select one file to active the service menu -select your format avi or mpeg and so on... -start to convert.

Databaseversioncontrol - Database version control

> dvc.bat -f=Sample1.xml -iu -qExecuteCommand - Initialize script [1 - Rolf Wessels 2010-04-16]Initialize tracker - Initialize script [1 - Rolf Wessels 2010-04-16]ExecuteCommand - Create Product table [2 - Rolf 2010-05-25]ExecuteCommand - Additional Customer table required [3 - Rolf 2010-05-27]ExecuteCommand - Additional Voucher table required [4 - Rolf 2010-05-27]ExecuteCommand - Additional Order table required [5 - Rolf 2010-05-27]ExecuteCommand - Additional OrderItem required [6 - Rolf 2010-0

Curve-fit - A standalone Curve Fitting and Plotting API excised from NCGC CurveFit

A Curve Fitting and Plotting library. Curves can be plotted via JFreeChart and the Google Chart API. Curve is a Persistent class (Hibernate bean) and curves are designed to write into a single database table for performance. This project incorporates code from NCGC CurveFit (http://www.ncgc.nih.gov/pub/openhts/curvefit/) a "United States Government Work". Specifically it derives from and makes use of classes and code within the gov.nih.ncgc.batch package. A binary jar file containing the incorpo

3dvc - OGRE3D的实践项目


adv_cpp_dvc - cs165 class dvc homework

cs165 class dvc homework

dvcmatlab - Matlab version of dvc3D

Matlab version of dvc3D

dvc - This is as is copy of DVC (for "Distributed Version Control")

This is as is copy of DVC (for "Distributed Version Control")