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dvbsnoop - DVB analyzer / MPEG analyzer program to monitor, analyze, debug, dump or view dvb/mpeg/dsm-cc/mhp stream information (TS, PES, SECTION) (e.g. digital television) send via satellite, cable or terrestrial.




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Streamviewer - A graphical DVB and ISDB transport stream analyzer

StreamViewerA graphical interface to view the content of an transport stream and make some statistics about it. The first milestone will be a simple viewer with the possibility to search thought the file. Digital Television Standards around the globe Source: Wikipedia


H.264 support for dvbsnoop

dvbsnoop - An open source DVB/MPEG analyzer

An open source DVB/MPEG analyzer


This is a fork of the original dvbsnoop hosted on sourceforge.net. I've applied a few minor patches and will continue to add contributed patches from sf.net as well as minor feature enhancements.

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