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Tool and script collection that aims to convert dv video files to other formats (dvd, xvid, etc) without loosing the date and time of recording information. New tools and scripts to interact with existings apps (kino, dvdauthor, ffmpeg, etc.)




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Legendasbaixator - Legendas Baixator / Subtitle Downloader

PresentationLegendas Baixator is a Vuze plugin for downloading video subtitles automatically when a torrent finishes downloading. ConfigurationAfter install the plugin, start using it is very simple, you just have to active it on Vuze Plugins Configuration and when a download is finished the plugin will find the subtitle. Websites searchAfter activating the plugin, the websites to look for subtitles must be selected with language, extension/format and fill user/password if necessary. The followi

Skipredo - SkipReDo

PurposeThe purpose of this program is to automate the task of processing recorded shows. The program takes either an MPEG-2 (MPG) or Transport Stream (TS) as input. This programs schedules and runs the following programs to perform it's work. Download and view the documentation for more information. Required Programsbeyond tvCopyright Snapstream Media, http://www.snapstream.com/, cost ~ $100 Beyond TV gives you the capability to turn your PC into a digital video recorder (DVR). Its simple user-f

Ffmbc - FFMedia Broadcast

FFmpeg customized for broadcast and professional usage. What you can do with FFmbc: Import your files in Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Create XDCAM HD422 files in .mov or .mxf Create XDCAM IMX/D-10 files in .mov or .mxf Create AVID DNxHD files in .mov Create DVCPROHD files in .mov or .mxf Create ProRes 422 or 4444 files in .mov Convert V210 Files Convert HD YUV BT709 to SD BT601 and vice versa Convert AVCIntra 50 and 100 Convert MPEG-TS files with SMPTE 302M audio Convert AV

Serato-itch-sync - Map one-to-one your directory structure to Serato parent crates and subcrates (al

Versions / HistoryIntroductionWhy the tool was created and why should I use it?How does it work?How do I run it ?Mac OSWindowsGraphical vs. Command-Line execution modeOptional settingsClear Serato library prior to syncScreenshotsBefore syncRunning the toolOriginal music collectionImported into Serato ITCHFAQI don't have Java installed on my computer. Will the tool work?What versions of Serato ITCH are supported?Does it work with any versions of Serato Scratch Live?Will the tool delete any data f