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Set default application handlers for documents and URLs in Mac OS X from the command line.




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Duty Roaster

Duty Roaster is a program for managing and generating duty rotas in a userfriendly way.

Big Brother Bot (B3)

BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-game game administration bot. Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage. Currently include parsers for: Call of Duty, Urban Terror and more!

Game Stats

Game Stats generates web-based static .HTML statistics by parsing a game log file. Currently supports COD (Call of Duty) and Soldier of Fortune 2 w/OSP or ROC mods. As of 1.4, it ships with its own executable, and doesn't require PHP or MySQL.


Yeoman (n) 1. A noble servant, carrying out various duties for the sovereign. Associated with hard toil. 2. Your new favorite web application stack and development tool.

Cod4map2 - Fragments of a Call of Duty 1 and 4 decompiler

Bits of a program I was working on based off of the q3map2.exe source that was meant to decompile and compile Call of Duty 1 .bsp files and Call of Duty 4 .d3dbsp files. I'm not touching this again though since I have other projects I'd rather work on.

Geeki - Supporting code for the forthcoming Nerdsopolis' site

This aims to be the YA (Yet Another) CMS, but targeted between a forum and a wiki. As its first duty would be the engine behind the forthcoming site nerdsopolis.net, its name resemble a wiki and a geek.

Tournament - simple tournament application

It's a simple tournament application, especially for Call of Duty. Today one can organize tournament with the double-knock-out system. The next steps will be more tournament types and a summary of all clans.

Alteriwnet - alterIWnet

alterIWnet is a project emulating the IWNet server system of Activision/Infinity Ward's best-selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 video game.

Dutyfreepoker - Duty Free Poker is a peer-to-peer project for playing poker.

Duty Free Poker is a peer-to-peer poker project. It is in its infancy. See the MainPage in our wiki for more details. Work at the moment is focused on designing a DealingProtocol and specifying an XML PokerTableDescription. Comments and criticism are helpful.

Twduty4 - Twitterbot welcher bei Serveraktivät Mentions verschickt

Twitterbot überprüft ob Spieler auf einem Call of Duty 4 Server sind, ist dies der Fall sendet er an seine Follower eine Mention

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