DUnit: Xtreme Unit Testing for Delphi

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DUnit automates unit testing of Delphi code. The target audience for DUnit is developers who are both writing the code to be tested and the unit tests for that code, an approach advocated by Extreme Programming. Dunit is is a Delphi port of JUnit.




Related Projects


dSpec is a BDD framework for Delphi/Pascal built as an extension of DUnit.

OpenCTF - component test framework

The OpenCTF component test framework helps to build automatic tests for all (visual and non-visual) VCL components in a Delphi application. It is based on the DUnit framework.

Dunitlite - DUnit improvements in the spirit of NUnitLite

DUnitLite is an attempt to improve upon the DUnit unit-testing framework for Delphi. It's currently an add-on library for DUnit (though, as the name suggests, it may someday grow to be a full lightweight testing library in its own right). Right now, DUnitLite offers three major features over the base DUnit library: Readable assertionsMost xUnit test frameworks have backwards assertion methods. They make you put the expected value first, followed by the actual value: CheckEquals(4, Add(2, 2));How


Framework for doing unit tests (JUnit, DUnit currently) in heterogeneous and distributed environments. The framework provides methods to test a client/server communication since unit tests are executed and synchronized across multiple nodes on a network.

Delphi-numpal - Delphi Class - Número en Palabras en Español

Delphi class to express a numeral in words, in Spanish. Contains a DUnit project with a complete test suite. Clase Delphi que permite expresar un número en palabras en Español. Contiene un proyecto DUnit con una completa batería de pruebas, basadas en información de la RAE.

Dbehave - Behavior driven development on delphi

SummarydBehave is a framework to carry out a behavior driven development on delphi. dBehave is developed by the delphiXtreme (http://delphixtreme.com/), originally. Because the delphiXtreme is closed, I decided to create dBehave project on the Google code. dBehave of this project is customized as describing in more natural english phrase. RequirementsdunitAs I still use the delphi 7, I have used the dunit2 providing Advanced Dunit development (http://members.optusnet.com.au/mcnabp/) . UsageFirst

Delphi-coll - Generic collections library for Delphi 2010 and XE

DescriptionCollections is a package consisting of basic and advanced generic collections for Delphi. This package uses the standard Generics.Defaults and Generics.Collections units to access the comparer and equality comparer functionality. The collection classes do not inherit the base ones in Generics.Collections. Collections package is fully documented as XMLDoc in the source code. You can use Help Insight to view function, type and class descriptions directly from the IDE. The library is ful

DUnit - DUnit - JavaScript Unit Testing Framework

DUnit - JavaScript Unit Testing Framework

dunits - Dimensional units

Dimensional units