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dune - a simple, cross-platform 3D modelling and animation tool.




Related Projects

Dune Legacy

Updated clone of Westood Studios' Dune2 which uses data files from the original game. New features include multiple unit selection/control, high resolution support, multiplayer gaming, improved gui.

Project Dune

Project Dune is a software project management tool to manage your estimates, project information, issues, releases, scrum tasks, timesheets and test execution results. See the project site at projectdune.org for detailed features.


A Dune 2 clone, based on the decompiled version of Dune2.

Ecp-ic07 - School project

"Conception d'une interface haptique pour automobile"

Jdune - A javascript clone of Dune 2

A clone of Dune 2 in just javascript html and css. And possible in the future if this ever get finished and in a second phase maybe multiplayer

Dune2000plusone - Dune 2000+

Project to develop tools for editing all formats used by Dune 2000, with the intention of allowing the creation of new campaigns, new game modes, and hopefully something unexpected. This location for the project is now obsolete.Please see it's new location with many released tools hereMuch of the project is discussed at the Dune2k.com forums in the Dune 2000 section, I post there under the alias "mvi".

Conceptmtg1 - Analyse et conception d'une architecture de classes

Analyse et conception d'une architecture de classes à partir d'un diagramme états-transitions

Expomapper - Plan pour le management d'une exposition

Management d'une exposition dans le cadre du projet synthèse A10