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The goal of this project is to develop a very simple SMTP server that responds to SMTP requests and makes received messages available for query at a later time. All useful features for a SMTP server that can be used in an automated testing suite.




Related Projects

Webster - Dummy SMTP server for testing with web interface.

Home | About | News IntroductionWebster is a web wrapper around the the Dumbster Project: http://quintanasoft.com/dumbster/. MotivationThere were quite a few of dummy smtp servers out there, but my specific problem was that testers outside of the administration and development group needed to see the emails being sent in testing environments. This app hopes to provide a way to host a dummy smtp server with universal access. Screenshot

Email Sink

Alternative to Dumbster and subethasmtp that provides a way to view the emails that have been received.


nDumbster is a simple fake SMTP server. It allows .Net developers to unit test applications that send email messages by supporting all standard SMTP commands, but, instead of delivering messages to the user it stores then in memory so they can be tested later.

Yadg - YADG - Yet Another Dumbster GUI

This is a GUI for the fake smtp server Dumbster. YADG is simple, but useful in some situations.


The goal of the project is to port the dumbster project to C#. It is a simple SMTP server that responds to SMTP requests and stores the messages to be queried in a manner suitable for .Net based automated test frameworks such as nMock.

dumbster - Dumbster Fake SMTP Server

Dumbster Fake SMTP Server


netDumbster is a .Net Fake SMTP Server clone of the popular Dumbster (http://quintanasoft.com/dumbster/)

dumbster - http://quintanasoft.com/dumbster/ utilities and helpers

http://quintanasoft.com/dumbster/ utilities and helpers


A significantly enhanced version of nDumbster for .Net 4.0