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Written in Delphi 6, this application is intended to be a HTML editor with source highlighting (no WYSIWYG) and some nifty functions. Note: Development is frozen. You can apply for developer rights and continue the project. Just contact me.




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Dumbcms - A really simple CMS that is designed for people that want to have control over HTML, but w

DumbCMS is a really simple CMS that allows for the creation of pages, blogs and file upload. It is designed to be used by beginners, but has the control available for people that are keen to be able to use HTML in their site. There is also an instant preview of all work done, so web developers can easily see what they are doing.


A XHTML to PDF converter: with this library, you can transform simple XHTML pages to nice and printable PDF files. This project is based on the excellent webzine article quot;Pdfizer, a dumb HTML to PDF converter, in C#quot; written by Jonathan de Halleux.

20widgets - technology agnostic collection of widgets

NOTE - this project is not maintained here anymore, I moved it to Git-Hub: http://wiki.coolscala.com/20widgetsShooting for the moon: trying to identify a set of 20 widgets that work on all graphical platforms. Just like Java allows one to express an algorithm regardless on the hardware it will run, we need a way to express views regardless on the technology used to display them. I, henceforth, refuse to write any GUI code on any specific platform. If I have to dumb down all GUIs to achieve that,

Tweego - AS3 Tweening Engine based on Go Platform

General informationTweego is an AS3 tweening engine based on the Go ActionScript Animation Platform. It’s one of the first parsers for Go. The syntax is similar to the glorious Fuse. It’s perfect for complex tweens with multiple sequences. At the moment special properties and a documentation is missing. Current version0.5 Syntax examplesThere are various ways to use Tweego, e.g. var t:Tweego = new Tweego;t.push({target: target, x: 100, y: 200, time: 1, ease: Bounce.easeOut});t.push({delay: 2

Cloud-engine - CloudEngine Script 3.5.5

CloudEngine Script and PlatformCloud es un script a base de javascript diseñado para interfaz de ning.com, este controla varios puntos de la red social Foroxtreme.com.mx Beta. Cuenta con su propia plataforma para el control exterior del script para los administradores de la red social, creado para mejorar esta. El mantenimiento y desarrollo s llevado a cabo por el usuario Sukebe Loki unicamente para esta plataforma, el script no esta en venta ni es libre. El script esta en constante desarrollo,

Mydumbapp - A dumb application for learning Google App Engine

Welcome to My Dumb AppThis app was created as a means of learning Google App Engine and Google Code hosting. It has no value to anyone but its author, and little even in that case. Features: Some Python code HTML files Open source license Documentation: MyDumbApp - A page about this application with a hyperlink! WhyBother - A page about why this exists

Delphi-docs - Converts Delphi 2005 (v9) XML documentation into XHTML.

Delphi 2005 can generate XML documentation for a project at compile. This is in the style of JavaDocs and Visual Studios Comment Web Pages (dumb name on Microsoft's part). This project is a set of XSLT files, CSS, and scripts that will convert the XML outputted from Delphi 2005 into a readable XHTML document. Currently a work in progress. I was using NXSLT2 as the command-line XSLT parser (http://www.xmllab.net/Products/nxslt2/tabid/73/Default.aspx) but it doesn't support XSLT v2.0. I'm now usin

Kickassphp - A collection of PHP classes publicly released by Developer's Helsinki (http://devel

Kickass PHP is the name of our collection of loosely coupled PHP classes that we used for our in-house projects. They solve some PHP issues or limitations, and speed-up specific developments (mainly CLI stuff). We release them publicly (MIT License) because we love Open Source. Check out our company's website, and feel free to contact us, we're nice. :-) ConfigSimple configuration handler class (singleton-based) that supports INI, JSON and pure PHP config files, as well as caching (APC). No bloa


It is what the name says. A dumb chrome extension with an iframe that points to a html page hosted online.


An extensible, HTML5-friendly, jQuery-based WYSIWYG editor, without having to deal with dumb browser behaviour.